Friday, 21 September 2012

Plant Picture Plastered Post


The deep trove of pictorial treasures that I have been hoarding from you like a dragon!


 So many little tomatoes!
 One of many large (but all still green) Kung Pao.
 Dramatic, back lit tomatoes.
 My tomatoes have inclined to grow on both sides of the wooden lattice thing, you see.
 Fuzzy little things in multiple stages of 'ripeness'.
 Not hard to tell where the sun hits most ^.^
 A healthy batch of green 'uns.
 Bumbershoot bloom, just to break it up!
 Tomatoes, strawberries and the Broad Leaf Thing from a distance.
 Kung Pao again!
 Kung Pao and its blooms.
 All the peppers and herbs from the front.
...And all the peppers and herbs from the back.



 Do you see kitty? She sees you/me.
Now she's ignoring you/us.


 Early morning sunlight on ALL the things.
That's right, sun. You ripen those spicy peppers for me!

My my you'd think my favorite thing to photograph is my plants. Perhaps you are correct. ^.^
Fare well and foster life, my friends, until next time!

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Updates x 3!

Feels like an eternity since I was able to post on here. Nevertheless, I am here now!

First off, I have halted the daily part of the Grow A Garden Chronicles in favor of posting tidbits and photos on the front page instead. I will still make sure there is a link to all of the Garden related posts at the bottom of the Chronicles page if you're away for a bit in the future and want to catch up. Also just for me to keep my brain straight, of course. ^.^

Secondly, I added more to Sticking With My Story which is basically a place where I write about--well, writing my book.

Third, there have been a few updates in the permissions of the apps that I have listed in Ghost Of Android Market (AndroZip and Google Translate to be precise) and thus I have updated them on my page as well now.

And now I must post this post about postings and then post a new, picture laden post of a certain set of plants. Be well all!

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Other Plants and the 'VISITORS'.

In addition to numerous developments in the Pepper area of my garden, the 'Other Plants' are doing just as well. Some photos:
 The Bumbershoot, old blossom receding to make room for the rest of them... Check out all of the bumbershoots-to-be up near the top!
 The Strawberries (which vine-like fingers keep reaching into every available bit of soil) and the Broad Leaf Thing, which seems happier where it receives a little less sun.
And the Rubber Plant, blooming happily and spreading as well!

And yes, though there have been numerous butterflies, moths, spiders, bees, wasps, hummingbirds, little birds, crows, ants, earwigs, beetles, centipedes, ladybugs, aphids, and other creatures that have visited my garden, I have managed to get some pictures to share with you. First off:

The Red Eyed Moth.

Not too fascinating I agree, but it's neat and it let me get close:

 Neat little fellow; I like his antennae. 

Next up, we have:

The Oregano Frog

On August 25th, First appearance:

 Saw the little fellow hopping around outside my plants last night as well (August 27th) and then today when I popped outside to take some pictures for today's Garden Chronicles, I see this:

Seems that he likes it here! Besides the fact that I now live in fear of accidentally stepping on him (or her, I have no idea) sometime, it's really neat to have a frog hanging out in my garden!

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Cilantro Casualty

No, it's not really as bad as it sounds--besides, they are grown to be picked right? Right?

...Anyway, back on the 17th of August when all of the plants had their second of a few recent configurations due to (this time) an appointment for 'the dwelling' that involved a long hose running straight under the deck where I have the peppers and the herbs sitting, one of the Cilantro had found its way into and around one of the peppers, and promptly snapped right off and hung there triumphantly. I snagged it, brought it indoors, and pondered. What I wound up doing was hanging it from the cupboard handle just above the sink (thing is long, wouldn't free hang anywhere else and those are the cupboards that I use the least) and left it to dry for a few days before I used it in a spaghetti sauce (that was yesterday, the 21 of August). Indeed, but not before I took a picture of it (alright a few pictures of it) after it came in from the outside world.

The main reason--besides the fact that I appear to be a picture freak--that I decided to document this is because this particular strand of Cilantro is the perfect specimen when it comes to having almost all of the Cilantro's stages shown in order of progression. Check it out:

The Breakdown:

Stage 1: Cilantro Broad Leaves--Chinese Parsley Style

 Stage 2: Cilantro Skinny Dill Looking Leaves

Stage 3 & 4: Cilantro Steadily Becoming Coriander after the Flowers Recede

Having sampled all of the bits of said Cilantro strand, I can tell you that the flowers are tangy and somewhat sweet (I can see why they are a delicacy. Have I said that before? o.0?), the seeds (while green, anyway) are a sharp and gritty kind of taste, like black pepper but less intense if you will--and the Cilantro leaves, both the dill-looking ones and the parsley-looking ones, are a bitter and encompassing medium-mild spice flavor. I chopped the whole damn thing up and put it in my sauce nevertheless, and it was delicious!

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Comparison Post

Part I: The Tomatoes

As of the 13th of August:
 This photo was taken before the second time I gently pruned away the yellowing and dead leaves from the bottom of the stalks. I am not sure exactly why they have been doing this--I thought it was over watering at first, but they suffer when I don't water them as much as I do (they get twice the quantity of any other plants save the Bumbershoot, the hanging plants or the large Jalapeno and two big Kung Pao) so I decided to go with another avenue. I borrowed some of my mom's plant food and gave each stalk a few drips and then watered them lightly, trying to see if it would help. The reason I decided to go this route was because I thought that perhaps it was a nutrient deficiency in the soil, and I figured it couldn't hurt because most of the plants are now producing fruit.
 And oh, how they produce! Tis marvelous!
This photo is one of my favorites because the composition is somehow pleasing to me; it was taken looking skyward at the tallest of one of the fruit bearing tomatoes.

As of the 16th of August:
The tomatoes as of today; growing very well and reaching up beyond their previous height even now... The bottoms have been shedding their leaves as the tops grow, and I rarely break off any of the lower branches unless there is a new bud beginning just at the top of the dying branch, which is occurring more and more often. That tall sillouette on the left? Yeah, that's a tomato. I know.

Part II: The Other Plants

 The Broad Leaf Thing and the Strawberries. The strawberries gave us about ten berries before they stopped producing completely; lately they seem quite content to spread all down the pedestal with their little creepers and try to take root in my Broad Leaf plant. I don't let them, of course--but my my they just don't stop trying, the tenacious tendrils.
The first bloom on the Bumbershoot!

As of the 16th of August:

 The Broad Leaf Thing, the Strawberries and the Bumbershoot.
 Didn't take long for the first bloom of the Bumbershoot to cease its show...
...But it appears there is so much more to come!!

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Budding, Blooming and Bolting

Let's start off with a slightly expanded review of what I just updated in Grow-A-Garden Chronicles:

Back on the 10th of August, I was the 'Harvester Of Basil' yet again, and made what has become somewhat of a favorite (so much so that I bloody well eat it all before I take a picture to post here, honestly how could I? -OM NOM NOM-) with my significant other and I: Bruschetta. If you are unsure what that is, all the more reason for me to make it again sometime soon and get the recipe up here... Anything like that moulded to be gluten free is worth it, for sure. But basically, it is Tomatoes, Basil, Olive Oil, Sun dried Tomatoes, Salt, Pepper and Devour on a slice of Rice bread with some mozzarella or other white cheese. Quick and divine, I tell you.

ANYWAY that is what became the fate of the Basil that filled the bowl, this picture is of the third and final Basil plant just before I harvested it for the second time since they were ready:
A neat memory of note: The fellow upstairs (my landlord) had his family over while I was harvesting this (they've been camping out in the backyard here) and he asked me what it was that I was picking. I told him, and asked him if he wanted to try one; he said no, but then I asked if he wanted to smell them after we spoke more about what I would be using said Basil for. After smelling the fragrant leaves in the bowl, he promptly took one and nibbled on it, and said 'Woah!' and took it upstairs. ^.^ Neat!

On the 13th of August, I went picture crazy again:

These are the Peppers (and the few herbs that you can see in the background)
Jalapeno, Kung Pao and Bell varieties.
 1/3 Oregano; showing the first signs of bolting (see the buds?)
 2/3 Oregano; showing the least signs of bolting. It has resided in the back, gotten less sun and more water than its counterparts--it is also the only one in its original container and therefore has no drainage.
 Oregano 3/3, The most advanced in the bolting process of the 3. Must divine a use for it all soon besides just picking one or two of the super, super strong spicy leaves for sauces...
 The two Parsley subjects. The one on the right was moved out from behind the bolting Cilantro and is now up front; both have drainage, but the white one has been suffering from over watering nonetheless. I moved it up yesterday and during that day and even so far today it has recovered a huge quantity of its previous bright green, which makes me quite happy.
 Speaking of bolting Cilantro! I've eaten the leaves, the stalks, the flowers--all have their own individual tastes, and are supremely pleasant to eat and enjoy. The flowers are my favorite; they have an almost saccharine quality to them and I can sure see why they are a delicacy and used in salads and the like. Believe it or not, this picture is looking down at all three of them--they are a good three feet tall, but lay all over the place and hang out with their neighboring plants.
 1/3 Basil, just a few days after the second harvest. This, like all 3 of my Basil, does not have drainage so I need to be careful when I water them. Beside it is the base of one of the Cilantro--see what I mean by being tall but leaning elsewhere?
 These are the other two of my three Basil subjects--the front one there, if you look in approximately the center of the photo but just slightly up and to the right you can see the cluster of leaves (it almost looks like a bud?) that is beginning to form on the tallest of the three plants.
 Kung Pao budding away... So what does it look like when it blooms?
 Something like this. ^.^ There are two there if you look close.
 Now, I honestly have to admit that I was not expecting to have something like these come out of planting the seeds that I found in a Bell Pepper, but they have grown at twice the speed of the other peppers and I have already transplanted them all once. I must admit I forgot to take a picture of the tiny pot that had the upside down stem of the pepper in it--it is growing well, I shall attempt to remember to take pictures of it close up and not just in front of all the herbs in a black pot next time.
And here, moving at just a slightly slower pace in budding and blooming than the Kung Pao, is the Jalapeno bud. The other sets of Jalapenos are coming along as well, but seem to be a good week behind these ones. Perhaps that is due to container size? Watering? Sunlight? Unsure.

Of course I have a few other pictures from that date that I did not add into the chronicles; but I have decided to do both 'The Other Plants' and the Tomatoes in another posts that will focus on comparison right after this one. Talk to you soon... So very soon! Ah, how I love unexpected days off...

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