Friday, 21 September 2012

Updates x 3!

Feels like an eternity since I was able to post on here. Nevertheless, I am here now!

First off, I have halted the daily part of the Grow A Garden Chronicles in favor of posting tidbits and photos on the front page instead. I will still make sure there is a link to all of the Garden related posts at the bottom of the Chronicles page if you're away for a bit in the future and want to catch up. Also just for me to keep my brain straight, of course. ^.^

Secondly, I added more to Sticking With My Story which is basically a place where I write about--well, writing my book.

Third, there have been a few updates in the permissions of the apps that I have listed in Ghost Of Android Market (AndroZip and Google Translate to be precise) and thus I have updated them on my page as well now.

And now I must post this post about postings and then post a new, picture laden post of a certain set of plants. Be well all!

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