Thursday, 31 May 2012

Potential and Suspense

Such is me at this moment, not exactly unsure what to write but more so wondering what to do with myself now that I have caught up to these things that I lay out for myself day upon day. I enjoy them all--they are what has helped me build myself by building something that matters to me.

Yesterday I made my fourteenth consecutive post in Grow-A-Garden Chronicles, and I am starting to get a real taste of what it is like to update once a day and to have that crazy sort of vehemence for what I am doing despite my limited readership. Interestingly enough (and I have been doing enough thinking about it to be damaging if I am not careful) I have no problem thinking that one person may visit my site once a day or so and check it out to see if anything has changed.

This spawns multiple ideas in my mind, which I am going to have to get into Figuring Out Freelancing and Sticking With My Story--both quite different, but I am so busy focusing on this weird thing called reality that doing things like that come second place.

Unfortunately, the things that come second place for most people are what I am doing that makes me feel as though I have accomplished something now--but one day at a time, with my head held high is what is going to get me through the rest of my life, let alone tonight and tomorrow.

In this light and thought, I leave you all with the idea that I am going to *eventually* (which means soon or else I would not post it, but probably not tomorrow you whip-cracker in my head, you) going to be putting up:

In suspense you shall stay until that day.

...What, you want a picture?

Fine, this is a preview of one of the three crafts. ^.^

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Encroaching Phase II: Initializing...

Phase II

Initialization Date: May 30, 2012
Anticipated Completion Date: Currently unknown; the risks posed are still being evaluated.
Eventual Outcome: Transplanting of the subjects to multiple containers. Orders have come down from the top detailing the eventual splitting of the subjects into two different locations in addition to the first location's transplanting.

First location (Location I): Where all subjects are currently situated; transplanting will be comprised of moving the subjects from their current gathered state to larger growth vessels.

Second location (Location II): Where one quarter to one half of the subjects will be transported, pending the soil filling in the newly constructed herb box by the caretakers at a different dwelling.

Breakdown of today's progress:

The Intended Space for the completion of Phase II, Location I.

The Concrete Shield (unsure if will be permanently implemented)

The Selection Available

The Subjects (Still remain the same, but indoors now)
Many of the subjects are going to wind up in these:

End of the Start of Phase II: Successful.
Configuration: Pending.
Awaiting further confirmation before continuing. 

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Power of Coriander

Took me a bit, but I finally snapped a good picture of some of the sprouts 'Kung-Pao-ing' out of the soil. Behold!

The opportunity to get this picture arose just after the Coriander/Cilantro Disaster, where--as you can see--not only were some seeds that had not sprouted overturned, some coriander seeds were still clinging to their little chartreuse cilantro souls.

This reminds me--upon realizing that Coriander and Cilantro are from the same plant by re-reading the sopping wet seed package, I shall reiterate here what I discovered there.

Cilantro = the leaves, good 
" Oriental, Mexican & Mediterranean dishes", 
Coriander = the seeds that are good 
" sausages, marinades, curry powder & pastries."

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Operation Root Roust

`Authorization for termination of alien seedlings is no longer pending. Due to sufficient evidence (detailed here and here), it has been decided that the unwanted sprouts must be removed before they cause any negative effects to the subjects. The date has been set for May 28, 2012 for Operation Root Roust to be initialized. Please ensure completion on this date and provide proof of the sprouts removal.`

Initializing op...

Date: May 28, 2012. 
Start time: 16:10
End time: 16:45

Number of infected subjects: 4 (Parsley, Jalapeno, Oregano, Basil)

Number of uninfected subjects: 3 (Hybrid Tomato, Cilantro, Kung Pao)

Subject name: Parsley

Number of infected removed: 2

Subject name: Jalapeno

Number of infected removed: 1

Subject name: Oregano

Number of infected removed: 2

Subject name: Basil

Number of infected removed: 3

All 12 alien sprouts verified removed and relocated to the compost pile. 
There is no longer a threat to the legitimate subjects. 

All subjects will be monitored for further infection.

Op complete. 

Returning to Operation Grow-A-Garden

©reated by ŊetHerŊøte 

Disaster Level: Coriander

Incident report 001

Date of incident: May 27, 2012
Time: 16:30 hours
Subject(s) involved: Cilantro
Description: overflow of above drain spout resulting from washing of the deck filled one of the pots of soil with water.

Action taken: Used paper towel and tipped the pot sideways, thus draining away the excess water without the loss of additional soil.

Potential damage was severely lessened due to quick action once notified. 

It is noted that the Cilantro was the tallest, most established of the seedlings which greatly increases their chances of survival. 

Subject has been given extra sunlight and will not be watered again for at least twenty four hours.

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sprout Soil Smash!

Although not the easiest to view, 
this is the best picture that I have been able to get so far of a 


Behold, the power of the sprout! 
This is a Kung Pao sprout, too--which I find awesome within itself. 
Talk about living up to its name and origins. 
I have created a crazy Shinobi sprout!

They're all so cute and chartreuse. ^.^

The Cilantro--when it started exploding from the ground full boar a few days ago--rose up from the dirt with their seeds still on top of the stalk, looking like one of those Piranha Plants from Mario. Me gusta.

©reated by ŊetHerŊøte 

Stage Zero

Indeed, all life is sacred and special--
...but seriously, 

if this:
becomes one of these:
which becomes one of these: (note the now 3 leaves)

...then I know it won't be too long until I wind up with these:




So should I be plucking them out now--at stage zero--before they become the above monstrosity?
Perhaps; but I have not, as of yet.

I did take a trip back over to the compost pile yesterday to see if there were any sprouts that seemed suspiciously familiar, but it is surprisingly devoid of growth over there--that could have something to do with a topping of dry dirt and grass clippings covering the fertile soil beneath coupled with the hefty crown of pine trees that keep off some of the rain when it comes down the mountainside.

What I did find later when walking around the side of the house to herd back a certain troll feline of mine was the above three plants, plus others of their kind in various stages of growth. After discussing it with my significant other, we've decided to leave them--for now. Again, that was yesterday--and as the seedlings were returned outside to bask in yet another warm day a few hours ago, I could not help but want to pluck those nutrient, soil-stealing sneaks out away from my 'legitimate' sprouts.

 Fostering these aliens in alongside my soon-to-be herbs, tomato and peppers is not an overly comfortable situation for me--but for now, I shall use them as cat deterrent and plan my exact course of action and attempt to decide when I should take it.

One thing is for sure, when I pluck them out it will be by the roots--and they will go to the compost, where they will either take on the earth again and spawn like the weeds they are or shrivel into roots that can deceive me in another year's crop.

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Friday, 25 May 2012


All is well in my little garden world, but these dark suspicions that have been laying dormant in my the back craters of my mind are beginning to rear their ugly heads and not remain at rest.

See? All seems well, all my lovelies were out today (it was a good solid 23 degrees Celsius [73.4 Fahrenheit] outside today, so it was safe to bring them to lurk on the cement and get a taste of the outdoors and full, unfiltered sunlight again), yet these nagging suspicions...

Nevertheless, I document today's progress.

Jalapeno, doing fabulously!
 Kung Pao, looking good!
Tomato, standing tall!
Crazy Cilantro!
Pretty, perky looking Parsley spreading all around the pot, doing really--...


Parsely? No, Farsely.

No, Oreganot.



Am I surprised? Not exactly--I have heard that it is commonplace for seeds to get put in the incorrect packages, but that is not what I suspect happened here. (Yes, even though the sort of looks like Cilantro until you literally put your face a fraction of an inch away from both varieties and see the tiny differences in real life. Voice of experience--but is it just my suspicions that make me believe that it is not just a couple of wayward Cilantro?)

So what do I think happened here? What are these suspicions of mine?
                                        Suspicions = One of these things is to blame.

Guess which one?
Something tells me that those miraculously hardy weeds--despite my attempts to take out the roots from my borrowed compost soil--have found their way into my garden
In addition to not being surprised (although I do feel a little cheated by the thought that many of the sprouts I was so excited about could have been a bloody weed all along), I am in a way quite happy that they are there. The reason is currently sitting in the windowsill--and no, it is not my seed-lets to which I am referring...
It is a certain troll feline who at one point in time ate my first three baby sprouts in the `windowsill` style garden that I attempted to create when I initially moved away from home--but that is a story for another day. In this case, I believe:

Weeds = bitter taste.
Kitty likes tall sprouts--but has not eaten any of mine this time around.

Perhaps that is because of the evil eye that I give her every time she checks them out.

And so at this point, I have decided that I will be continuing to watch them closely...

...And be sure to pluck their deceiving stalks straight from the soil the second they show themselves the traitors they are.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yes. Yes it is.

Watered my lovelies before I left yesterday, and returned home dog tired but with my phone in hand to take pictures of all my little sprouts. But what's this?

...Could it be?
Is it....

The beginning of what will one day be spectacular, 

sprouted-by-me-from-seeds spicy peppers??

Is this the last of my seedlings deciding to sprout?

Yes. Yes it is. 

Sweet! ^.^ 
So heading over to put this in my Grow-A-Garden Chronicles.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Celsiwhyus and WhattheFahrenheit

Oh my, yes.

Thinking, I have been--and it occurs to me (upon looking through my site's stats and where my audience is based) that just because I am familiar with Celsius as a measurement of temperature and view Fahrenheit as some strange, decimal-dotted monster that I am reluctant to understand doesn't mean that I don't or may one day have readers that view Fahrenheit as a logical succession of precise temperatures and Celsius as some ice ridden, weird set of mindless measurements.

And thus, I have done something simple: I added a bracket with the value in Fahrenheit beside each of my Celsius recordings in Grow-A-Garden Chronicles--which has once again been treated to its daily update, describing yesterday's growth of my favorite little seedlings. ^.^

Because I like to give credit (although I could have picked any of the conversion tables available, or used my phone) I found the Fahrenheit values here. If not of use, I find this little informative additive to my site's seedling escapades interesting if naught else and thus I will be sure to continue to add both sets of measurement to my updates.

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