Rice Is My Friend

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Switching to a gluten free diet is not an easy task, especially when the food you love the most is bread--thus is my case. It becomes immediately apparent that what feels like everything tasty has some form of gluten in it, often only added by the company that produces the product as filler for a cost-saving measure. There are different levels of gluten-free, for example: a full-fledged Celiac can be completely intolerant to both wheat and dairy products, while with some (like me) only to wheat--there are also those who adopt the diet out of preference. Nevertheless, the struggle is the same when learning to adjust your lifestyle around so you can conform to new eating habits.

I ceased to consume wheat in August of 2011 upon advisement from a doctor. (Long, unnecessary story avoided. Dodge!) From there it became blatantly evident that a great many of the things that I used to consume copious quantities of were no longer on my chomp list. I had to steadfastly remind myself every time that I went out for food (restaurants and grocery stores) that I am the customer and I can ask questions and make requests. 

‘No bun’ became something that I had to repeat to a server a couple of times because a chicken burger with a salad and no bun is weird to them. With cheddar cheese and salsa, it’s like a fiesta on your plate. Fast food was out--just can’t trust it--and suddenly I was cooking at home and searching through that ‘organic’ aisle (which should be called the ‘odd aisle' in most stores) and wincing at the prices. I quickly discovered that gluten-free bread is kept in freezers at most grocery outlets because it does not have a high turnover unless I move nearby. ^.^

I eat rice, flax and chia bread; they are about four to seven dollars Canadian a loaf, and are best toasted. They are best toasted and with ingredients, such as cheese or a big ol’ over easy egg on it.



"I'd like a (insert dish here) with no bun, please."

"With what?"

"With no bun."

"No what?"



"No bread."

"Oh, why didn't you say that in the first place?"

Me outside: ^.^ Me inside: -_-

"I'd like a (insert dish here) with no bun, please."

"Oh, are you one of those--"

a) people who hates bread

b) people with a wheat allergy

c) Celiacs


-Launches into ridiculously long 

one-sided conversation-

Me outside: ^.^ Me inside: -_-

First off, I am going to make a list of the ingredients that I avoid:

WHEAT of any description. This includes: Wheat flour, wheat germ, wheat durum, wheat meal, wheat protein, wheat grass, wheat seeds, wheat starch, wheat gluten.
(Solution? GET RICE BREAD.)

SEMOLINA is usually in pastas.
(Solution? GET RICE PASTA.)

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is a preservative; beware, sometimes manufacturers call it by the long name. LOOK CLOSELY, it’s heartbreaking to re-read ingredients at home and see that you cannot eat what you have purchased. Besides, MSG is freaking bad for you, man.

WHITE FLOUR unless it specifically states that it is just corn or rice flour, avoid it. It’s not worth the punishment your body will put you through if you’re wrong.

ASPARTAME is an artificial sweetener that tends to taste like decomposing dung anyway, and is yet another chemical that is not good for you. Some people do not mind it, but I find it makes my body react the same way wheat does.

Ah yes, the gluten-free me is still wallowing in my lack of wheat.

I am hoping to help someone out there create meals that they can eat or get ideas on how they can make their own masterpiece. Cooking is an eternal work in progress; no matter what you do, there will be those dishes that just inexplicably go terribly, atrociously wrong somewhere. In contrast, there are those delicious concoctions that you really wish you could duplicate because they were akin to a piece of heaven falling onto your plate.

And so, I have created an online recipe book with some of the things I have tried: I call it `Rice Is My Friend Recipes.`

 Please be aware readers that if you are intolerant to dairy as well as gluten, I will make notes at the bottom of each recipe with how to alter it to accommodate.


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*   I can no longer add to this because someone, somewhere reported me for 'inappropriate content', so I only have the first five recipes pinned there and anything else that I come across that is of interest to anyone who is gluten free. The rest of my recipes please find on my non-porn, no-spam, no-bull5h!t recipe-with-pictures-of-said-recipe page here, called "Rice Is My Friend Recipes", not 'really raunchy nudes in fried rice'. 
Can you tell I am a touch bitter that I can't share my things with the best of them?

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