Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Cilantro Casualty

No, it's not really as bad as it sounds--besides, they are grown to be picked right? Right?

...Anyway, back on the 17th of August when all of the plants had their second of a few recent configurations due to (this time) an appointment for 'the dwelling' that involved a long hose running straight under the deck where I have the peppers and the herbs sitting, one of the Cilantro had found its way into and around one of the peppers, and promptly snapped right off and hung there triumphantly. I snagged it, brought it indoors, and pondered. What I wound up doing was hanging it from the cupboard handle just above the sink (thing is long, wouldn't free hang anywhere else and those are the cupboards that I use the least) and left it to dry for a few days before I used it in a spaghetti sauce (that was yesterday, the 21 of August). Indeed, but not before I took a picture of it (alright a few pictures of it) after it came in from the outside world.

The main reason--besides the fact that I appear to be a picture freak--that I decided to document this is because this particular strand of Cilantro is the perfect specimen when it comes to having almost all of the Cilantro's stages shown in order of progression. Check it out:

The Breakdown:

Stage 1: Cilantro Broad Leaves--Chinese Parsley Style

 Stage 2: Cilantro Skinny Dill Looking Leaves

Stage 3 & 4: Cilantro Steadily Becoming Coriander after the Flowers Recede

Having sampled all of the bits of said Cilantro strand, I can tell you that the flowers are tangy and somewhat sweet (I can see why they are a delicacy. Have I said that before? o.0?), the seeds (while green, anyway) are a sharp and gritty kind of taste, like black pepper but less intense if you will--and the Cilantro leaves, both the dill-looking ones and the parsley-looking ones, are a bitter and encompassing medium-mild spice flavor. I chopped the whole damn thing up and put it in my sauce nevertheless, and it was delicious!

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