Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Comparison Post

Part I: The Tomatoes

As of the 13th of August:
 This photo was taken before the second time I gently pruned away the yellowing and dead leaves from the bottom of the stalks. I am not sure exactly why they have been doing this--I thought it was over watering at first, but they suffer when I don't water them as much as I do (they get twice the quantity of any other plants save the Bumbershoot, the hanging plants or the large Jalapeno and two big Kung Pao) so I decided to go with another avenue. I borrowed some of my mom's plant food and gave each stalk a few drips and then watered them lightly, trying to see if it would help. The reason I decided to go this route was because I thought that perhaps it was a nutrient deficiency in the soil, and I figured it couldn't hurt because most of the plants are now producing fruit.
 And oh, how they produce! Tis marvelous!
This photo is one of my favorites because the composition is somehow pleasing to me; it was taken looking skyward at the tallest of one of the fruit bearing tomatoes.

As of the 16th of August:
The tomatoes as of today; growing very well and reaching up beyond their previous height even now... The bottoms have been shedding their leaves as the tops grow, and I rarely break off any of the lower branches unless there is a new bud beginning just at the top of the dying branch, which is occurring more and more often. That tall sillouette on the left? Yeah, that's a tomato. I know.

Part II: The Other Plants

 The Broad Leaf Thing and the Strawberries. The strawberries gave us about ten berries before they stopped producing completely; lately they seem quite content to spread all down the pedestal with their little creepers and try to take root in my Broad Leaf plant. I don't let them, of course--but my my they just don't stop trying, the tenacious tendrils.
The first bloom on the Bumbershoot!

As of the 16th of August:

 The Broad Leaf Thing, the Strawberries and the Bumbershoot.
 Didn't take long for the first bloom of the Bumbershoot to cease its show...
...But it appears there is so much more to come!!

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