Thursday, 9 August 2012

We've got Green Tomatoes Growing!

...And I will leave it at that. 

Small wonder that so many blogs die when people have--what do they call that again--oh yes, a job. These twelve hour days, seven to seven with an hour's drive each way--well, they don't leave a lot of time. Have I done any of those pages that I said I would do? Not yet. Eventually--that is the keyword, unfortunately. >.<

In the mean time, I did indeed get my self out there before it got too dark and took some pictures of my garden... So without further adieu, check it out, things have changed!!

 The ever taller tomatoes...

 The peppers, preparing to produce...

...My blurry picture of my herbs, sorry about that--the white flowers are Cilantro!

 And, most exciting of all, we've got FRUIT!!

 ...And they're still blooming!!

...And this is a flower--the first and only one so far--from the Bumbershoot.

Nice, eh? Should have heard me when my significant other showed me the first baby tomatoes, I swear I squeaked and bounced around.

Coming home and watering my plants has become a marvelous form of therapy for me; it helps me unwind from my day, and I love to keep track of their progress and ponder what I am going to do with all of my herbs and soon all of my fruit and peppers. So great!

Ah, how I have missed this--good thing I've been writing my book so much that it is eating my life, it's all I think about, dream about at night, where I go when I am in need and where I make myself go when I feel everything becoming too much. One of these days I will have a finished product; but for now, it is my private world where I torture my characters and therefore myself with both the good and the bad... And I wouldn't have it any other way. Thus, I am not promising anything--I sure felt low when I was updating Grow-A-Garden Chronicles, why? Because it had been since July 26th since I had updated it.

Once again I had to remind myself that I need to get paid, and this blog does not pay--not in money anyway, and unfortunately I need this useless currency called money in order to eat and have somewhere to sleep and keep the possessions I have managed to gather for myself.
*AHEM* Packrat *COUGH*
But hey, there are worse things.

Other than that my second Celery--well it died. Just up and died. The Bok Choy? Never sprouted. So I dumped them out--more soil for yet another experiment one of these days, for certain!

Take care friends, and don't forget--it's not as hard to grow things as you may think. I don't know why I thought my plants would all die--they're tougher than that... After all--I've been taking care of them, and they are strong. ^.^

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