Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ghost Of Android Market

Finally, I have the first part of Ghost of Android Market up! 

I was quite surprised how long it took me to get it to this point, actually--reading over it now, it does not seem like it is anywhere near as much work as it felt like was when I was typing it up.

Guess that just means I shall have to keep updating it, eh?

The apps that I have personally reviewed and written about are the ones that I use the most (or find the most useful) within the numerous sets that I have tried out so far. 

They include (but are not limited to):

  • a battery saver, 
  • a flashlight,
  • a compass, 
  • a translator, 
  • gas price checker, 
  • a weather forecaster, 
  • antivirus software, 
  • easy file sharing 

...'Not limited to' because I also include:

  • an app that will let you take a picture and see the Google image results for that image, 
  • an app that will let you view web video on your mobile like you could on a PC, 

And an app that is either:

  • a crossbreed between winzip and windows explorer, 
  • a dictionary with a word-of-the-day widget, 
  • a versatile voice/paint/note pad,
  • a security lock
  • a star map.

Best thing?

These are all free for download for an android device. I have included links to the developers original websites and their app logos within the Ghost of Android Market page. Enjoy!

That's right--FREE. Check them out!

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