Friday, 20 April 2012

Poetry & Perhaps Over Pondering

Told you I may post some poetry. ^.^

        This is one that I wrote & dressed up in Canmore. Shared it with some of the people I met there, as well; had positive feedback. Thus, I decided it is a good way to start posting something 'else' of mine on here. (Besides other random insanity and strangely sketched pictures, that is.)

I've made numerous other 'gluten-free' inquests lately; unfortunately, most of them have turned out like the pizza (which I am still reluctant to post): a work in progress. There is potential in the salmon recipe--all sour cream, red & green onion, garlic and lemon deliciousness. The picture I took wasn't terrible, but it didn't exactly follow the same format as my other pictures have. Good thing that the pictures just have to include the proper content and the background surface does not matter all that much. (Unless you're a stickler for consistency like I am in certain matters.)

         I stand here at this impasse in my life, pondering what to do next. Already I have created some content for this blog, read it over, and thought: nope. Censoring myself, am I now? I am feeling the internal pinch to do something monumental in zero time, and I have not been following what needs to happen for that to become even a remote possibility. Instead, I have been focusing on other things that have somehow left me feeling empty, despite their importance and promise of reciprocation. Perhaps I am not being patient enough. Maybe I am afraid.
Still afraid, that is.

The other day I was battling viciously with myself over my complete indecision in the face of so many choices, and I wound up writing a poem about it. (This is common for me.) Wrote it via keyboard (not common anymore), even in the blogger post window (never done that before)--and wound up reading it over and hoarding it away, just like so much of my work (I always seem to do this). Why? Same thing that plagued me before I wrote it--complete indecision.

         I have been doing a great deal (perhaps even an unhealthy amount) of thinking on the subject, wondering if I should post it or not. Watched a movie and an anime episode in the past few days (well, more than one of each) that had quotes that still stand out to me.
These are not exact, but more or less the points that I recall.
One was from 'We Bought A Zoo': "All you need is twenty seconds of insane, embarrassing courage."
The other was from episode one of 'Eureka Seven AO': "It seems to be human nature to wait."
Food for thought, indeed.

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