Sunday, 8 April 2012

Krispie Recipe

     Well, I posted another recipe in RIMF ("Rice Is My Friend", my gluten free recipe section on this blog) and it took me what felt like forever. This may have a lot to do with the fact that I tend to over-explain things. The beauty of the recipe that I posted is that the one that I originally found was in... how shall I say it... poorly written English. I am glad that it was there, though.

     So now there is that version (which is not gluten free unless altered, may I add) that has a 'I was just translated by a bot' feel to it, and my version (which is in appearance still more difficult than it really is because I wind up explaining all of the options that one has when using this recipe) that I have altered to make tasty and gluten free.

Without further adieu, this is a picture and the link for it:

     It's a crispy coating for meat (or whatever, really) and it is *so* delicious.
This is one of my favorite recipes to use now, seeing the fact that I can no longer consume that wondrous thing called Shake N Bake anymore. The best part about it is that you can add anything you want to it, tailoring it to whatever you are in the mood for or to what complements your dish (or both).

      I am probably going to post another RIMF Recipe tonight. I have one more picture--wait, I lied. I have two more pictures, but one of them is just... kinda... unappetizing. I love cheese on sliced gluten free smokies with cheese whiz in celery sticks on the side, but I am just not sure that it belongs in RIMF Recipes. (Honestly, you're in trouble if you need me to type up how to cut a slice of cheese, microwave a smokie and break down just how you grab a knife and spread processed goo in a chunk of water vegetable into a bullet list.)

       The only partial dilemma that I am facing at this moment is that I am not sure what there is for a non-dairy substitute for Cheese Whiz. No I have not googled it yet--I am going to, for sure--but this is a fun way to spend a little time between typing up recipes. I did mention in the RIMF opener that there may be some recipes that I post that cannot be altered to be dairy free, but I have yet to have 'no substitutions available' in any of them and suddenly I want to keep it that way and it's all personal. If nothing else, I know how to tweak it so it would be a tomato base instead of a cheese. Good fun!

      It occurs to me that I really don't mind typing these recipes up it because it makes me realize just what is involved in the things that I do when I cook, but I must admit it's a little dull sometimes. I've got a sort of template down now so it's much easier, and that helps significantly.

     Nevertheless, I keep taking pictures of my damn dinner before eating it so I'd better make sure I do something worthwhile with it in the end. Picking the best ones and showing them off like this is a neat feeling, though; me gusta. ^.^

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