Sunday, 29 April 2012

Me, Myself, and my Massive Indecision

So doing it. Behold!
My latest greatest creation--and still I post with such trepidation.

Here be:

Me, Myself, and my Massive Indecision

Ever indecisive.
I will, I won't
I do, I don't
I’m in, I’m out

Such thoughts are strewn
Across my mind
Like shadows on
A foreboding moon

To delve in this darkness
Awakens the boon
Of a vivid muse
And death coming soon

To avoid this life
For a time less pressed
Does not relieve
What causes such stress

But to sit in sorrow
Lost in my head
I may as well wither
And fall away dead

So I'm ever indecisive
I can't, I could
No matter if do
Or know I should

 -Nicole Hill

Poem number two. Yes, this is the one that my previous blog post was referring to.
Step one.
Fear exists because of theft, and it will haunt my mind for every moment that I live.
But still... Here I am, and here this is.

Over myself, I am?

Nevertheless, 'tis good fun either way; there is nothing like a poem to help me vent.
Rereading it reminds me of how I felt when I was putting my fingers to these onyx keys--how many days ago now?--and how I felt when I wrote that blog post about not writing the poem as a blog post. It also makes me recall every time I mentioned, thought about, or read this poem since.

Progress I am attempting to make, yes--but furthering oneself is not simple, no.

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