Monday, 19 March 2012

Beside The Lake

To what I was originally going to post. I am forcing myself to get to the point (after this sentence, damn it) and say what I originally set out to say, which is really not something to say at all--more like I took a bunch of pictures when I stopped on my drive with the intent of posting them for you because I feel like I need more pictorial content, and I want it to be original. That sentence was as long as a quarter mile in snowshoes, and now I have made another sentence instead of getting to the reason of this post and I still have more to say--curses. The die is cast. We’ve come too far. My spell check wanted ’pictorial’ to be ‘pectoral.’ Mmm, pectoral. -Blink- Oh yeah.
Content--that is why I took pictures when I was out for a drive. I walked down to the lake with my phone (which will not play music and take pictures at the same time, it pauses the music the second I activate the camera) and took some pictures of the lake and the surrounding mountains. I grew up out here, and even though I know there are other lovely places out there I do appreciate this type of natural beauty. So without further adieu, here are the pictures that I took for you:

Down lakeside, staring straight into the water--which is still extremely cold, may I add--what with the snow remaining and all.

Always liked that mountain that you see covered in snow in the background; it looks like the side view of a woman's face to me (and the members of my family who have seen it) and it's a landmark that lets me know that I am narrows bound when I'm boating. Not that the lake is hard to navigate--if  you can't drive down a mostly straight waterway, then you should not be boating. Put down the beer, at this rate you'll hit copper island. This give me the idea to perhaps dig up those pictures of mine and post them at some point. For those of you that do not know and for the fact that I do not have a picture of the island handy, Copper Island is basically a mountain in the middle of Shuswap lake. 

Yes that is part of a wheelbarrow. Don't ask, because I really don't know.

Looking back in the direction of my current residence. This is a little ways down the side of the lake by car, mind you.

Fun with reflections! Just off to the right of the first picture I took. I dig this one; I was lucky that it was such a nice day and not snowing again. Cheers, post three, in just a handful of minutes before midnight! ...Must stop typing. Must post.

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