Monday, 19 March 2012

The Long Road

Content is the key, and I keep reminding myself of this. This does not mean that I have actually settled on a topic yet, that’s for sure. Perhaps the freedom of this blog is infecting my mind and making me start to forget that almost everything I have read stresses that specialization is the key to every blog. Is it just me (not an avid blogger and only in the last while even started reading anyone’s blog, sad to say) that would rather have more than one type of content on a page? …I see it now. I am a one of those hoarders, but with topics! There are worse things. Right? -Crickets-

Never mind that, then. One of the things that has been bothering me that I recall reading was that one can expect to make upwards of ten blog posts a day at first to draw people back with the promise of new things to look at daily.

Okay, I understand this, but doesn’t that seem high? Maybe it’s just because most of the blogs that I visit don’t have new content, they seem to be these pillars of greatness that people turn to because search engines favour them (what SEOrcery is this?!) or perhaps it is that ‘followers’ phenomenon. Besides, it can take a good two hours to read all of the content on some blogs. Some of them are an investment in time that far exceeds that as well--this could attribute to their success, I’m sure. This had me thinking all day (and all of last night) about what I am going to choose to be my ‘specialty’. I know I should be building my hub page--I have taken it under advisement from an online source that I trust that hub pages is the best place to make your serious portfolio--but I really don’t have too much to say of yet. Like I mentioned already in my first blog post, I have no experience per say that is going to endear me to an employer. Sure, I have huge amounts of poetry, a progressing novel, hand drawn art and I’ve done alright at crafts, but I may as well say I am a basket weaver on my resume for all the good that does.

I know it is going to make my road uphill and boulder-strewn, but I just will not write something low quality to sell it quickly and make a buck now. Tempting--so tempting. Things aren’t roses lately, that’s for sure--but so far I just cannot bring myself to do it. I do not want to live with the regrets. For one thing I am trying to build a decent name for myself (says the girl thinking about inserting a hand-drawn picture of a chirping cricket at the beginning of this post and actually draws one and does it) and not one that is synonymous with getting work in on time but of an inferior quality. Why would it be inferior quality? Because I refuse to lose my words, and that would be the only way that I could ever live with myself for signing away the rights to what I have made. Not making it easy for myself, that’s for sure.

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