Monday, 19 March 2012

Notes and Nonsense

What the hell, two posts in one day? What’s going on here, soon I’ll be saying ten posts a day is low or something crazy! This is the spiral of insanity, I tell you. …Where was I? Oh yes, I wasn’t yet.

Thinking about content so much has reminded me of one of the many notes I have on my laptop screen. No I don’t actually have sticky notes on my computer screen like someone who was not blessed in the intelligence department, it’s a gadget that came stock with my laptop that allows me to create notes that reside on my screen until I want them to go away. They are easy to create, edit, and I can choose between six different colours which is handy for differentiation. (Yes I just used that word.) I currently have one colour for bands that I want to look more into (a pale, usual sticky note yellow), one for a ‘when I get the money’ shopping list (pink because it‘s obnoxious and reminds me that I need to procure money in order to obtain the items that list contains), one for a daily to-do list (white, like an open page for me to make something from nothing each day), one for ‘notes to self’ (which is what they all are so I should call this one ‘epiphanies’ or something--these are periwinkle blue) and one that is filled with ideas for articles or just subjects to write about in general (purple, because I like that colour). The latter is the most plentiful--I have multiples of them even though I could just make just one very long one due to the fact that they magically grow scroll bars when you fill up the initial box--but the one that I was remembering came from the first entry in my should-be-called-epiphanies category. Here, let me copy what I said for word:

-TAKE NOTES. Everything you look into is research that can be made into an outline that will save you TIME if you ever need to get another article written tout suite. Like Martin said, "Don't waste your time". ”

...‘Tout suite.’ That made me pop online and see that there is actually a bit of a discussion around whether that is correct en francais or not. See what I mean about everything is research? Anyway, Martin was one of my physiotherapists if you were wondering, and yes he was French and had a very heavy accent but was very intelligent and has an excellent command of both languages. He was referring to doing exercises without using your core muscles at the time, but for some reason it really rang true with me and I have been applying it to many things in my life since. I am a firm believer that you should pay attention in every interaction because I am paranoid enough to think that they will say something that could save my life and if I miss it I will die.
I am a freak. This is not news to me. Thanks, though.

The second I went to my desktop to select the start of that note I thought that I should post the whole thing. So, here goes. The squeamish, navigate away; it’s sappy and full of self-encouragement.

"- DO NOT sell yourself short--this is going to be one hell of an uphill battle but if you don't start the trek you will never get to where you want to be. It's worth it--even though those thirty cents are going to seem like the most trivial horned feces in the world to you at first, it takes pennies to make a dollar. 
- TAKE YOUR phone/a notepad with you everywhere. If an idea strikes you in the middle of the night, get up and write about it. Let this take you over and consume your life--you're not doing anything with it, and this is who I am, after all."

-Rereads.- …Oh, wait. This has a curse word in it. -Edit.- There. 
Then I took a break to dash to the sandbox (with minimal movement so as to not upset my cat the self-proclaimed duchess of the loveseat) and I thought about what I had written. So let me get this straight, my sappy encouragement contained a ‘bad’ word? Sounds right. Messed up, but very much me. Another thing that is very much me is me now realizing that I have been chatting about these things and the notes on my desktop instead of the thing I meant to. So you know what that means? Three posts, bi--… -Edit.- Three posts, chomping at the bit chez de moi. That makes absolutely no sense, but it is amusing as hell to me right now …Never has it been so evident that I am Canadian. You know, sans the ‘eh’. …I just used ‘sans‘ in a sentence. Again. No, I haven’t used it on my blog but I had the occasion to use it once before on this very day. Not like it’s my catch phrase or anything, but seriously? Damn cereal boxes!

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