Friday, 23 March 2012

Plans for the tomorrow that is already today

Here I am dragging my weary, stressed self around. On a lighter note, I did just finish uprooting and transplanting various parts of my blog and added three gluten free posts--along with the pages that I wanted to create that the recipes will link from. That was… interesting, for sure. Learned a lot, which is good; most of it had to do with HTML vs. Compose conflicts. This definitely reminds me that I am no HTML guru, that’s for sure.

     -edit edit edit-           
Where. The. *?$%.       
                 Did the         
        GO -curses-          

Other than that I have all kinds of ideas for new bits to add to Sticking With My Story (mostly about how goddamn hard it is) and Figuring Out Freelancing. I am still unsure if I am going to wind up adding images to those pages or just leave them as big arse chunks of my babbling text. It may be one of those things that I add to slowly--just like everything, I guess. I’ve been trying to procure employment and took a trip to Kelowna in among all of the other madness that has gone down this week, and I am at that point where I feel like I am one pin drop away from snapping and tearing out the door and screaming down the street until I fall over from exhaustion. Too bad that does not help, or else I would not be writing this right now. More than anything it is the financial end of it all (it always is I swear) that has be biting my nails down to the quick. I am almost out of time to get a job before my last pay comes in--which means I will be deep in the red before I get my first cheque even if I do get a job the day after. Scary. Even now I am doing that wait-for-just-before-the-date-because-that-is-when-I-get-paid dance, and I am struggling with the disheartening fact that no matter how much I write or do online like I have been doing I will not be raking in the coin anytime soon. I have been funnelling all of my energy into this blog, which is damn fun and I did make it my priority to work on but I keep thinking that I may be wasting my time. If only I could just type like I used to then this would not be a problem, but I have to delegate around the ever-present issue and I swear I am going to go coyote and chew these things right the hell off one of these days. -Restrains self-
...Yuck. That was some ‘lighter note.’
Nice silver lining Nicole, try not to cut yourself on it.

On a ‘less heavy’ note, this has given me the opportunity to get back into my art again. It sure is not the pieces I used to do on paper, but this touch screen phone of mine has opened up doors for me that I plan on walking through. Bedratted thing is costing me half a hundred dollars a bloody month, it had better move the earth and sky for me.
Tomorrow is going to be filled with more employment hunting. Besides that, I am thinking I shall throw myself against the wall of another site tomorrow (for an hour or so at least) and create the good copy of my next examiner article and submit the darn thing. It will make me feel like I have accomplished something before I come sneaking back over here to talk again. Until then, g’nig--eh, good morning--or good whatever portion of this date that you have to further endure.

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