Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Writing About Wheatless Meals

It’s been a productive couple of days--mostly in this thing called reality, but it’s been whining for attention a lot lately. 

This article writing on a singular idea is putting my collaboration skills to the test; it is difficult to put a ‘local’ spin on something that is not ‘local’ to you. It involves a fair bit of back research just to choose the topic and get the truth about said subjects, mostly because I am looking to post pieces that are of interest if not important to Vancouverites. (My spell check is okay with that word. My mind was blown by this earlier.) 
I created an article today about a subject that is rare and not *really* a big deal until it happens, but I had it researched and written (rough draft) all this afternoon so I am quite proud of myself. This is good because I feel like I am damn near at the end of my rope, but I always feel that way nowadays. This post is not only testament to me pushing through and doing this blog thing that I have already come to enjoy, but to let you know that I am currently creating the first few posts in my gluten-free category. 

This is actually--even though I have them all just planned and not written yet--shaping up to be more like a cooking chronicle than anything else, but we’ll see. I’ve got a few ideas that have me wondering how I am going to make this user friendly because I realized that not much of my content is. I tend to take my reader by the hand and dash like a squirrel as we run circles and sing “all around the mulberry bush” while hurdling over my explanations on a subject. It’s occasionally effective, but rather unorthodox. I am going to attempt to keep the madness to a minimum--but just like the gluten-free recipes I am going to sauté and share with you, I am an acquired taste. ^.^

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