Thursday, 15 March 2012

What I've Done

For all of my life I have been writing about the things I have done, seen, or thought about. Currently I am working on my book (aren't all of us 'aspiring authors', I know) and facing a life situation that has really forced me to turn around and stare face to face with what has always been there for me--my writing. All of that aside, I will let you know of the experience that I do have: fantasy stories, poetry, song lyrics, and some fiction along with informative articles are most common styles that I have written for myself, as well as numerous essays and reports for school--none of which are published. When I was in grade five, I wrote a few short articles for the monthly school newspaper--other than that, I took about two weeks of journalism before I was transferred out of that class in favour of 'Comparative Civilizations'. Yes, I know; but in all honesty, I chose that course because it was self-instructed. Why was that important? It was worth it because I had plenty of time to write, and write I did. Still do, in fact.

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