Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Operation Begin-A-Garden is a Go!

Ah yes, what have I done for you lately?
More done for me, I'd say--but most certainly here for you to enjoy, I have launched yet another page.

No, this one is not gluten free recipes or free Google Play apps--this is going to be a growth log of my little indoor garden.

Interested? Here is the whole back story (complete with pictures and done up in blog post style) of my foray into fresh herb, pepper and tomato creation:

Operation Begin-A-Garden

How exactly I am going to lay out the whole thing is still up in the air (or up somewhere in my mind) and it will remain to be seen just how I decide to set up the page.

There are also numerous other ideas (dangerous, I know) drifting around in my head that make me want to create a 'craft corner' on my site as well. Perhaps I will--I already have a few pictures (which is somehow all I seem to need) of a project that I undertook and completed--with success, may I add.

In the spirit of posting pictures, here is one that you will not find on Operation Begin-A-Garden but has everything to do with it. An informative teaser, if you will. ^.^

...And that is what I have planted and eagerly await the rise of, like some sort of green thumbed necromancer. I can already imagine how many pictures I am going to take of the same damn sprout when the first one appears--I'll be treating it like it's a celebrity or something. ^.^

In other news, I have once again attacked my blog's appearance. The layout itself I am finally happy with, and along with altering some of the wording here and there I have added my own background picture, taken and uploaded specifically as a back drop to this blog--which is something I have been meaning to do for a very long time and I must say I am very happy with the result. Now, I am off to take some more pictures of my precious pots of... eh... soil and seeds. ^.^

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