Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The first pepper to sprout is... -drum roll-

I'm starting to think I could have made a blog just for the garden, but where's the fun in singular content? I had to write a laptop note to self so I don't forget some of the things I want to post. Neat x 2!

...Still seriously going to show you more seed pictures first, though. I love them!

...And the excitement continued with my significant other and I eyeballing the two pots that have yet to sprout--the Kung Pao and the Jalapeno--and lo and behold, there is what appeared to be a seed surfacing and cracking open.

I was hopeful--for the Cilantro did this as well just before the first one sprouted--but then the Cilantro seeds were huge compared to the other ones I purchased and planted.

Nevertheless, I awaken today to not one, but two Jalapeno sprouts! Observe:

Marvelous! I am supremely pleased with all of my seedlings growth rate--now, if that Kung Pao would just sprout...

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