Sunday, 20 May 2012

Two new recipes and speaking of seeds.

A busy little bee I have been, blogging away here...
Well, not so much blogging as working on my blog.
So in a way, yes, blogging. I'll leave it at that, it simplifies things. ^.^

In addition to more updates to Operation Grow-A-Garden Chronicles, 

I have added two new recipes to Rice Is My Friend! 

Behold, the two newest recipes in my growing online stack of same:

 This little baby was simply divine, and is called Sour Cream & Onion Salmon.

This salad is a creation that I never seem to get bored of: a Chef's Salad.

Check them out! Both recipes are infinitely adaptable to your personal tastes (I really notice that I wind up typing "I used ______, but you could use whatever you'd like" in a lot of my recipes. I also have yet to encounter a recipe that I cannot alter to be non-dairy. Neat!)

It's been a decent weekend so far, with me accomplishing more than I was expecting to and being pleasantly surprised by the early arrival of my sprouts. So far the only things that have yet to show signs of growing are my Jalapenos and Kung Pao. This is not astonishing me--they require more growth time and perhaps even more warmth than I have been providing. I, however, will not walk around my house naked with all the windows closed and the drapes and blinds open just to keep it warm enough in here for pepper seeds to sprout in two week's time.

Soon I shall be off here with my phone in hand to take some more pictures of my ever-growing sprouts--some of them are large enough to be bending towards the sun already. This time I am going to be sure that I take multiples of each set so I don't get stuck uploading a couple of less-than-focused pics.

Case in point: Yesterday's update of Operation Grow-A-Garden Chronicles, featuring:





Other than that I have been toying with the notion of taping the seed packages to the sides of the bowls for quick identification, but found a better solution today. Since the beginning, I have just made sure to keep the corresponding seed package (and thus the name of the plant and care instructions) tucked under the bottom of the bowl.

Why I--being somewhat of an artist,
a chronic graffiti tagger 'personalizer' of my things
and the keeper of what seems like a trillion pens and felts--did not think of it sooner,
I may never know. I took my black Sony sharpie (it came with a pack of blank CD's my significant other bought years ago) and simply labeled the lip of the bowls.

The seed packages are still pinned beneath the pots, but they no longer have to be. ^.^

I am going to attempt to make the label predominant in my photos from now on for speedy recognition and huge simplification of my 'labeling' process at this, the seedling stage. More updates to follow as my mind churns over other potential content.

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