Friday, 25 May 2012


All is well in my little garden world, but these dark suspicions that have been laying dormant in my the back craters of my mind are beginning to rear their ugly heads and not remain at rest.

See? All seems well, all my lovelies were out today (it was a good solid 23 degrees Celsius [73.4 Fahrenheit] outside today, so it was safe to bring them to lurk on the cement and get a taste of the outdoors and full, unfiltered sunlight again), yet these nagging suspicions...

Nevertheless, I document today's progress.

Jalapeno, doing fabulously!
 Kung Pao, looking good!
Tomato, standing tall!
Crazy Cilantro!
Pretty, perky looking Parsley spreading all around the pot, doing really--...


Parsely? No, Farsely.

No, Oreganot.



Am I surprised? Not exactly--I have heard that it is commonplace for seeds to get put in the incorrect packages, but that is not what I suspect happened here. (Yes, even though the sort of looks like Cilantro until you literally put your face a fraction of an inch away from both varieties and see the tiny differences in real life. Voice of experience--but is it just my suspicions that make me believe that it is not just a couple of wayward Cilantro?)

So what do I think happened here? What are these suspicions of mine?
                                        Suspicions = One of these things is to blame.

Guess which one?
Something tells me that those miraculously hardy weeds--despite my attempts to take out the roots from my borrowed compost soil--have found their way into my garden
In addition to not being surprised (although I do feel a little cheated by the thought that many of the sprouts I was so excited about could have been a bloody weed all along), I am in a way quite happy that they are there. The reason is currently sitting in the windowsill--and no, it is not my seed-lets to which I am referring...
It is a certain troll feline who at one point in time ate my first three baby sprouts in the `windowsill` style garden that I attempted to create when I initially moved away from home--but that is a story for another day. In this case, I believe:

Weeds = bitter taste.
Kitty likes tall sprouts--but has not eaten any of mine this time around.

Perhaps that is because of the evil eye that I give her every time she checks them out.

And so at this point, I have decided that I will be continuing to watch them closely...

...And be sure to pluck their deceiving stalks straight from the soil the second they show themselves the traitors they are.

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