Friday, 18 May 2012

I shall call it: `Shades of Me`

Yet another addition, and thus a quick post:

Look! I added a new picture of me! Tired of the old black and white one, I was.
And thus, here it is. I have added it to the bottom of my page as my bio picture.

See the sky in the reflection of my sunglasses?
This picture was taken the same day that I snapped the photo for the background of my blog.

...You know, if I keep posting random little things throughout my day then I could actually get that mythical ten posts a day trophy that sits on the imaginary shelf in Whocaresville. I am pondering downloading the app for Blogger on my phone--you know, to see what it is like. There could be potential there--or it could be like my twitter and facebook accounts: kinda slow in the status\tweet area of things. Perhaps if I did something exciting besides look for work and take care of plants and cook in my spare time, then I would be yammering on about how `something` my life is.

Currently, I am making damn sure that I keep myself busy--when I look at the accumulation of what I have accomplished in a day, I feel better and thus I am much less likely to become depressed. Sure, poems can come out of that emotion--but so can many other not so desirable things.

Other than that, I added more links and decided what I was going to do with the Operation Begin-A-Garden page. I also added in calendar pictures (`anticipated schedule`, as duplicated below). Plant ALL the things.

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