Thursday, 31 May 2012

Potential and Suspense

Such is me at this moment, not exactly unsure what to write but more so wondering what to do with myself now that I have caught up to these things that I lay out for myself day upon day. I enjoy them all--they are what has helped me build myself by building something that matters to me.

Yesterday I made my fourteenth consecutive post in Grow-A-Garden Chronicles, and I am starting to get a real taste of what it is like to update once a day and to have that crazy sort of vehemence for what I am doing despite my limited readership. Interestingly enough (and I have been doing enough thinking about it to be damaging if I am not careful) I have no problem thinking that one person may visit my site once a day or so and check it out to see if anything has changed.

This spawns multiple ideas in my mind, which I am going to have to get into Figuring Out Freelancing and Sticking With My Story--both quite different, but I am so busy focusing on this weird thing called reality that doing things like that come second place.

Unfortunately, the things that come second place for most people are what I am doing that makes me feel as though I have accomplished something now--but one day at a time, with my head held high is what is going to get me through the rest of my life, let alone tonight and tomorrow.

In this light and thought, I leave you all with the idea that I am going to *eventually* (which means soon or else I would not post it, but probably not tomorrow you whip-cracker in my head, you) going to be putting up:

In suspense you shall stay until that day.

...What, you want a picture?

Fine, this is a preview of one of the three crafts. ^.^

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