Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Celsiwhyus and WhattheFahrenheit

Oh my, yes.

Thinking, I have been--and it occurs to me (upon looking through my site's stats and where my audience is based) that just because I am familiar with Celsius as a measurement of temperature and view Fahrenheit as some strange, decimal-dotted monster that I am reluctant to understand doesn't mean that I don't or may one day have readers that view Fahrenheit as a logical succession of precise temperatures and Celsius as some ice ridden, weird set of mindless measurements.

And thus, I have done something simple: I added a bracket with the value in Fahrenheit beside each of my Celsius recordings in Grow-A-Garden Chronicles--which has once again been treated to its daily update, describing yesterday's growth of my favorite little seedlings. ^.^

Because I like to give credit (although I could have picked any of the conversion tables available, or used my phone) I found the Fahrenheit values here. If not of use, I find this little informative additive to my site's seedling escapades interesting if naught else and thus I will be sure to continue to add both sets of measurement to my updates.

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