Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stage Zero

Indeed, all life is sacred and special--
...but seriously, 

if this:
becomes one of these:
which becomes one of these: (note the now 3 leaves)

...then I know it won't be too long until I wind up with these:




So should I be plucking them out now--at stage zero--before they become the above monstrosity?
Perhaps; but I have not, as of yet.

I did take a trip back over to the compost pile yesterday to see if there were any sprouts that seemed suspiciously familiar, but it is surprisingly devoid of growth over there--that could have something to do with a topping of dry dirt and grass clippings covering the fertile soil beneath coupled with the hefty crown of pine trees that keep off some of the rain when it comes down the mountainside.

What I did find later when walking around the side of the house to herd back a certain troll feline of mine was the above three plants, plus others of their kind in various stages of growth. After discussing it with my significant other, we've decided to leave them--for now. Again, that was yesterday--and as the seedlings were returned outside to bask in yet another warm day a few hours ago, I could not help but want to pluck those nutrient, soil-stealing sneaks out away from my 'legitimate' sprouts.

 Fostering these aliens in alongside my soon-to-be herbs, tomato and peppers is not an overly comfortable situation for me--but for now, I shall use them as cat deterrent and plan my exact course of action and attempt to decide when I should take it.

One thing is for sure, when I pluck them out it will be by the roots--and they will go to the compost, where they will either take on the earth again and spawn like the weeds they are or shrivel into roots that can deceive me in another year's crop.

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