Sunday, 20 May 2012

The moon, modest poetic lines, and more seeds.

"I am waiting on the rise of the full moon--true, 'tis going to be behind a washed grey and weeping cloud--but my seeds and I shall haunt the windows on this rain hewn night until the first hint of hidden silver light."

In my endeavoring to create a twitter and facebook post every few days at least, I am apparently being poetic. In the spirit of what may one day be a poetry section more than a sparse handful of posts in my blog, I am trying to record my little moments of inspiration for more than just myself. Of course the 'secret societies' that run those websites already know, but for me (or you) who may look back on this in wonder and wanderlust one day, a record for the brief moments of believed brilliance may prove beneficial.

In true obsessive style, here are more pictures of my dirt disturbing sprouting seeds:

...and the show-stopping, super-sprouting

In case for whatever reason you can't tell or are too lazy to enlarge the pictures (with the times I have to view these I can not blame you for being choosy), the order is Cilantro, Oregano, 100 Hybrid Tomato, Parsley and Basil. These pictures were taken before their first and only watering today, seeing the fact that it has been overcast and cool (an average of 17 degrees Celsius outside) all day.

Due to their following of the sun and now the overhead light, I am leaving them in the window tonight. I've heard that plants benefit from moonlight, so in the interest of not moving my steadily establishing seedlings from the windowsill yet again tonight and the hope of lunar light they shall remain as they are. Signing off to go and update today's log entry of Operation Grow-A-Garden Chronicles, a rather tired yet pleased ŊetHerŊøte. ^.^

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