Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Encroaching Phase II: Initializing...

Phase II

Initialization Date: May 30, 2012
Anticipated Completion Date: Currently unknown; the risks posed are still being evaluated.
Eventual Outcome: Transplanting of the subjects to multiple containers. Orders have come down from the top detailing the eventual splitting of the subjects into two different locations in addition to the first location's transplanting.

First location (Location I): Where all subjects are currently situated; transplanting will be comprised of moving the subjects from their current gathered state to larger growth vessels.

Second location (Location II): Where one quarter to one half of the subjects will be transported, pending the soil filling in the newly constructed herb box by the caretakers at a different dwelling.

Breakdown of today's progress:

The Intended Space for the completion of Phase II, Location I.

The Concrete Shield (unsure if will be permanently implemented)

The Selection Available

The Subjects (Still remain the same, but indoors now)
Many of the subjects are going to wind up in these:

End of the Start of Phase II: Successful.
Configuration: Pending.
Awaiting further confirmation before continuing. 

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