Friday, 1 June 2012

'Project Postings' instead of a 'Craft Corner'

In my current pondering, I have yet to decide what is worth making a whole new section for and what I should simply blog post about and perhaps link to and elaborate on later, if necessary.

Despite my indecision, I have been beginning to log a few of the crafts that I have dappled in lately--and the pictures are driving me crazy, I want them to be up here somewhere and not eyeballing me every time I update Grow-A-Garden

This may perhaps have a lot to do with the fact that I have created and wound up with more than one successful craft--three of late, to be exact. 

I really like the way these experiments turned out; and the more I look into the box of bottles and other bits of things that I was gifted, the more I wonder what else I can do with with the remaining contents.

What was in it originally?

  • Blue bottles (no lids), 
  • A Wire Butterfly, 
  • Bead Discs, 
  • Plates shaped like a Fat Fish 
  • and two baby jars (no lids)

Where did I get it from?
My mother acquired it from one of her friends, and wanted to know if I could... 
You know... 'do' something with it when we spoke of its existence over the phone. 
The next time I was over there, 
I checked out the contents for myself, 
and said that I wanted the box. 
My sibling was kind enough to bring it to me. 

So there it was, now in my house and therefore my problem. 
Every time I walked into the kitchen, this box was in a new spot in front of SOMETHING that I needed at the time. (Inevitable and infuriating.) And thus:

My mind: WTF am I going to do with these now?
My significant other (and I quote): "The hell is this doing here?"

Don't get me wrong--many of the things that came in the box I have already divined a use for--some of the blue bottles and all of the bead discs were used for two of my three recent crafts, but there are still remainders.
As you can well see, all that really remains is these bottles (originally from milk of magnesia, apparently) and that odd butterfly which has a ring on it--something tells me that is going to be hung outside sometime here soon. Not pictured here are the bottles I used, the bead discs, the plates shaped like a fish (two of them--now used for tuna bits and other snacks for my spoiled cat. Trust me you aren't missing much by not seeing them, although they are humorous o.0) and the two little jars, which I am going to use as candle containers for my zillions of tea lights that I have in case of special occasions (like a power outage), crayon melting and their low-light-when-lit value.

So instead of making yet another page that requires linking to, I have decided to just make this a not-so-elaborate-or-explained-to-the-'T' diary of sorts when I do crafts--a set of completed project postings more so than a craft corner, if you will. In the potential future that I get out of control and wind up doing a lot of it (*cough*SEEDS*cough*), then I will create a new page which I will then promptly bombard you with links for. ^.^

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