Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A post about Postings and an Apology

Forgive me readers, 
for I have sinned: 
it has been four days 
since my last blog session.

"But WHY, Nethernote? How could you LEAVE us like that, wondering about the PLANTS?!"

I know--but reality called. It wants my life back. What kind of reality? 12 hour shifts type of reality. It is only a temporary job--I don't know if I will be working the next day or not until the night before--but in the mean time I am making some money again, finally. This is a great thing and I am so not going into how badly it is needed.

Other than that, let's just say I am overjoyed to have found something I could do for work. I have rediscovered my love-hate relationship with getting up early and staying up until retardedly late--but somehow I am surviving. I even managed to do some baking and such last week, which was a great success. I won't promise you that I will post the recipe, but I am SO going to make it again and then I bet I will post it.

"But WHY, Nethernote? How could you BAKE something and not SHOW us the product and the RECIPE?!"

I still have a few recipes that I promised I would post eventually and I just have not gotten around to it. Eventually, my friends, eventually. That is what I keep telling myself, anyway--I want to update Ghost Of Android Market, but I have yet to write said (yet again, previously promised) review on aquarium Live Wallpapers. Yes I have done ALL the research and have it all in my binder... Just have not typed it out.

I want to update Sticking With My Story as well, for I have SO much to just... 'talk' about, if you will, regarding my writing of that paticular project. It has indeed been consuming me of late, filling my head, messing with my dreams and destracting me from everyday life. I want to be writing it right NOW but this is somehow paramount to me. One of the things I wrote in my 'Notes To Self' gadget a while ago on my laptop was:

"Delegate your time as much as possible. Giving too much attention to only one thing can be detrimental to your other projects."

And thus, I had to get back on here. 
Seriously miss this whole blogging thing when I don't do it. 

In addition to that, I have more to add to Figuring Out Freelancing (which within itself should be interesting when I get around to it) and again, the Gluten Free Recipe section of my blog (Rice Is My Friend Recipes) needs me to add many new things. Am I doing any of these today? My bleary eyes behold you with blunt betrayal! No, no. ^.^ But seriously I will add these things eventually. Think of it as scrying some of the future for Nethernote blog.

"But WHY, Nethernote? How could you TANTALIZE us with these thoughts on future updates and not give us something NOW?!"

Come come now, I would never leave you empty handed!


Of course this is obvious because I always do eventually, but I updated Operation Grow-A-Garden. Apparently the Tomatoes can get larger than what I (and the seed package) said was their full height--they are now taller than my significant other and STILL growing. Creepers, I love it! And, if you have been following along on my merry planting project, you will now that said Tomatoes are flowering. No longer are they just a few little flowers--no, now most of the plants look like this:

SECOND: The Bell Peppers and the Celerew Round Two that I planted recently are progressing very well. How well? This well:
The difference in this Celery compared to the first Celery is so substantial. 
Method really is everything.

THIRD: The three Basil I harvested have been growing like the dickens every since I 'pruned' them. They went from looking rather sparse to this in just a few days:

 And so what did I do with my first bowl of Basil? After some poking around and Googling, I decided to do this:

You may be thinking, "W.T.F... Is... That." Well, that is three leaves of fresh Basil drizzled with oil and gently covered with water before freezing.

That there--is a Basil cube. The only downside to this is that they only last a few months and I should have chopped the leaves up... Next time. This time, however, I managed to create cubes that I can add to whatever I want--soups and sauces among other things. I still have about half a bowl of Basil in the fridge--which I need to do something with but it's not going bad and I seem to have zero energy and initiative when it comes to it so far. Besides the Basil Cubes, I have been eating them.

Yep, just like they are--a tasty, tasty sweet leaf. Other than that these leaves have managed to find their way into everything I consume lately it seems, from in a tequila lemonade (see now THAT is a recipe I should post too! ^.^) to chicken stew and many things between.

Okay, fewf! 
I think that was all 
I had to say and post about.
Not true.
But I am petered right out, 
and I have to get up in seven hours.
before I have
like an undead THING
again tomorrow morning.

Be well all, and thank you for reading my blog. You rock! ^.^

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