Sunday, 1 July 2012

Le Fuchsia, she BLOOMS!

So I take the pictures of the Fuchsia, I post them, next day BAM!!!
My timing seems to be immaculate. Or... something like that.

Je t'adore, le Fuchsia, she has emerged!!

I  am not sure what I was expecting, 

but it was not royal purple

According to this site, 

the breed of Fuchsia that I have is called 'Dark Eyes'. 

Neat! ^.^

It's awesome!

In my excitement, I asked my significant other to take some pictures with my phone. As you can see, 'twas a learning experience--but they are still nice, and hey--if someone asks me to post something on my blog, it's not an easy thing for me to say no. I also saw some crazy calamity photos that someone I know took of the flood disasters, and though I would like to post them they are not as shall we say 'photogenic' as these potted plants are. And thus:

In other news, 


I was doing some thinking about it, and moreso than celebrating the country--much like BC day--it seems that us Canadians celebrate by enjoying the outdoors. This I am proud to say is my way too--along with some liquid refreshment, that is. Caesars and Poutine for all!

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