Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rain, Minor Migration & Tomato Acclimatization

With a lot of help from my significant other, the plants all migrated around some today in an effort to deter these munching pests. The tomatoes, all having drainage and reaching one heck of a height already, I deemed ready to move out into the full wrath of the weather. Of course, just an hour or so after this was all accomplished, the wind blew like crazy and the torrents began to pour from the heavens. I kept getting up and checking on my tomatoes (being the worry wort that I am) and sure enough after a good two hours of heavy rain one leaned towards the earth.

...I must admit that it figures that the day that I decided it was time to get all of the plants moved and finish truly acclimatizing the Tomatoes that it pours like crazy. Again.

I must also admit I did not take any pictures of all of the times that my newly moved tomatoes flopped over thanks to the heavy rain pouring down from the sky--no, I decided that saving them was much more important. They are still tethered together, but some of the stems that were not (and even one of the batches that was) flopped over. Struggling and failing to find string, I dashed around the house like a mad woman trying to think of something that would work to hold them up besides fishing line. Sure, fishing line may work but I don't trust it not to cut right through the tomato stalks rather than support them.

What I found was the shower curtain rungs that belonged to my old shower curtain--yes, same one with that waterfall pattern that has been serving as a 'dirt shield' and potentially harboring numerous pests beneath its fold. And yes--the pack rat strikes again. Seeking to cause as little harm or movement as possible, I hooked the hanging ones up to the lattice that is nailed to the side of the stairs. They are all now looking much better than they did during the beginning of the rain storm, let me tell you. Later on as the rain continued to fall, I meandered back outside and changed some of the positions of my 'tomato holders' and spun one of the pots that had some of the most troublesome tippers. Feeling better and seeing that the tomatoes themselves looked much better, then I took some pictures for you. ^.^

All in all, despite the fact they were not intended for this purpose those shower curtain rings are working like a charm. The best part is the fact that I am finally using them for something and that they are easy to change and clip whenever needed. Despite the fact this rain is beating up the shores of every lake and stream in the area, the world is bright and green and the drops of rain allow for shots like this:

...And that is hard to complain about. Other than that, weather like this reminds people that they should be enjoying the sun when it's here, not complaining about it--but as usual, it seems people are impossible to please and as variable as the weather itself. At least it gives us something to small talk about, I suppose. Either way, enjoy the earth for what it is: fascinating--you just need to learn to slow down and take a look. If you don't like what you see, change it. ^.^

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