Monday, 9 July 2012

Positively Peppers and the Picture Pack Rat

No longer is it 'Potential' Peppers--it appears that I have managed to begin a small stock of Bell Peppers now in addition to my already well-established Kung Pao and Jalapeno Peppers.

So exciting!

How am I sure that they are peppers and not weeds?

SPROUT POWER, that's how.

Check it out!

 So many sprouted!
 Up nice and close--you can see that they popped out of the pepper seeds!
 Wondering what was going on with the other pot, I meandered over and poked at it a little--and deep down just in the center...
You can just barely see the first sprout in the second pot (that was the one that I planted the whole pepper core in upside down) starting to come up just to the right of center between two little stick things and some old, old eggshell. Yay!

In other news, my faithful old computer finally bit the dust a few weeks ago--just after finishing transferring the last few of my pictures and songs onto my laptop. I salute it; but already I miss it--it was nice to have one that was just basically a big old brain that I could leave retarded amounts of files on.

Once I got them all transferred onto here I must admit that I felt better because I knew they were 'safer' on here--but not only did my computer begin to run slower than molasses in January, it really made me realize just how much... "STUFF" I have even in my computer, let alone in all of my physical pack rat places. Pictures from back when I got my first camera in 2008 up until literally today--36 GB spread across four 8 GB flash drives later, and I still don't have all of my pictures off this thing (didn't even touch say my Garden Chronicles or even any of my blogging folders, gigabyte help me) and now I am trying to remove hours and hours worth of video from my computer and put it on discs so it doesn't preside over my space.

And here I was thinking I could take my music off as well. Good luck with that happening any time soon, but at least I am no longer bogged down. I deleted 15.3 GB of... 'STUFF' and not only do I feel better but I think my lovely laptop is now far less burdened.

This, if naught else, is a start... 

Back to burning videos I go ^.^

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