Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bok Choy Redeploy and Celerew Round Two

Looking at it today sort of makes me sad, but these things happen--and besides, perhaps these seeds will take. Sure, I could Google it and see if those were even seeds that I planted and see what sort of situation they need, blah blah blah, but I'd rather wait and see. What am I talking about?

In another edition of "the OTHER plants" I have dealt with the Bok Choy today. If nothing else, this has been a merry run, and so with that in mind let's do some peeking back into the past of this particular Bok Choy. Here's your flashback glasses. ~0-0~

Lovely, right? Made a post and did some research on bolting Bok Choy, and though the flowers smelled marvelous (which was surprising) and over the next few weeks they promptly withered and died. Patiently waiting to see what sort of seeds (if any) it was going to create, I watched it and continued to water it.

Soon enough, the leaves began to lose their color and recede.

Today, it looked like this--so I brought it in, for it was time to deal with it.

She be pretty much a dead issue, as you can see below.

So what of the seeds?

I peered over the stalk...

The one in the bottom right corner seemed to be the most promising due to its size and the fact it actually has a little bulb in it.

Looks like a good seed there in the center but that is actually a little green worm masquerading as a seed. Bloody troll.

Unsure, I promptly picked all of them off and put them into a small pot of soil to see what they will do. In the mean time, having an extra pot of soil around that the Bok Choy had vacated, I went to the fridge. It's time for round two of 'Celerew', but this time with no unnecessary soaking for days before I transplant it. Chopped it up, left the center this time and promptly planted it.

And thus, as I have said many times before, 'tis now wait and see. Other than that, everything in my garden is growing splendidly! Look how tall my tomatoes have grown since I moved them:

Before: (July 3, 2012)

Today: (July 11, 2012)

So cool. They are starting to form tiny buds--soon, flowers, and then FRUIT! 
So exciting! ^.^

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