Monday, 2 July 2012

Swiss Cheese Leaves and Strung Up Tomatoes

Perhaps a new infection? 
Can't pull this one out like an alien seedling...

No, it looks more like some of those little bastard bugs are gnawing on my plant's leaves. Apparently the Basil, Tomato, Kung Pao and Jalapeno taste the best. (In that order.)


I noticed these little gnaw holes a while back while I was watering the plants. Back when I did the emergency ORR IV I decided to take a few shots of my Swiss cheese leaves.

 The Bitten Basil
Looks like a screaming mouth. Weird. o.o

Once again, those pictures were taken before I transplanted 
the Basil, Jalapeno, Kung Pao and Parsley. 

I know that this sort of thing happens when you grow things outside--nature will be nature, after all. I, however, have a serious dislike for pesticides of any kind--the whole idea of fresh, home grown herbs is not only the fun and the financial end of it, it's good to know exactly what has happened to your plants before you eat them. All hail organic!

Thus, I decided to do some Googling about it.

After reading through this site, I have come to the conclusion that it is probably earwigs. The other day when I was transplanting, there was a cluster of five or so little earwigs running hither thither when they were uncovered. It is true that there has been less nibbling since I transplanted them--that may have something to do with the fact that there is nowhere near as much room for them little buggers to hide in the bountiful Basil... Judging by how well they are growing, it won't be long.

Another that may very well be a possibility for me is aphids. One of the comments in that page said that buying some ladybugs and placing them in your garden works like a charm.

The strangest thing is that earlier this spring there were so many ladybugs in this house that I thought I was going to go insane. Now, there are none anywhere--figures.

I could put a cover over the Basil, but something tells me that isn't going to stop the ones that are already taking up residence in my soil pots.

When I Googled the same thing but for the Tomato, according to this site (which has a very useful chart of common Tomato issues at the bottom of the page) I discovered that it is probably a Flea Beetle or a Tomato Hornworm.

Thankfully, none of these 'infections' seem to be overly serious. Indeed I will be watching to see if things get worse.

In other garden related news, back when THIS kept happening:

The Tomato, SHE LEANS!

...And this was only a partially successful solution...

...I found myself some string and wrapped it around the main stem clusters. For all of the Tomatoes it has worked marvelously--except this one.

I came out the other night to find that it was dragging all of the other stems down with it. Thus, I snipped the string and stuffed yet another stake into the side of the pot to brace the bowing branch on. I tend to have to adjust it once a day and give it the eye, but other than that, all is well in my garden. ^.^

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