Thursday, 12 July 2012

Comment Box of Curiosity

Today has been filled with writing for me. So far I have managed to write pages 117-126 today alone. I am proud of myself, but in a lot of pain. Doesn't stop me from wanting to write more, and it's sure not going to stop me from blogging.

Picture time!

Back when I went for my bike ride, 
in addition to sitting on this very fine bench at the lake side:

 I saw this:

 And of course, my curiosity got me immediately and I had to know what was in it. Perhaps I would even fill out a form, if there is a pen or pencil... So I opened it up. What did I see? I shall show you:

Basically? Nothing. ^.^ But there is a heart shaped rock, a few comments and a screw with some spiderwebs. So much for writing a comment or there being a writing utensil--too bad, because you know I wanted to write 'visit' in there. ^.^ Maybe someday I still will...

Ever curious and perhaps thorough, 
I wanted to see what was behind that little wooden divider.

Behold! Air and shadows!

Upon closing the box back up, I had the door almost come off in my hand--and that broken hinge on the left hand side is why. Welcome to CSRD, I suppose ^.^

I will be posting more pictures of my sojourn to Reedman Park soon. 
In the mean time, keep curious... About everything.

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