Friday, 6 July 2012

Cheers To The Plants

Updates... Updates everywhere!

First off, I added the new set of permissions to Dropbox in my Ghost of Android Market page--in case you did not know, Ghost of Android Market is a list I made of worthwhile Android Applications--and they are all FREE! ^.^

Next up, I added the last few days in my Operation Grow-A-Garden Chronicles, which is (again, if you did not know ^.~) a log of my no-longer-indoor garden that I started back in May

Finally, the rain has let up in this area--and now the forecast says it is going to get hot outside (37 degrees Celsius, 98.6 Fahrenheit) which I am quite okay with because not only will it help to dry up some of the roadsides (unless all of the snow up high melts, which means the floods will get worse and there will be droughts in the future--but they always threaten that every year) and help my garden grow with some sunlight that it needs.

The 'new infection' that I was worried about (which has spread to the Bumbershoot as well, pictured behind the other 'Other Plants' in the white pot) seems to have slowed right down with the reconfiguration of the other subjects, which suits me just fine. My significant other has also taken to playing 'Seek & Destroy' with every bug on my plants. The ants themselves--already dominant in chewing on the deck pillar behind the plants pictured above and... well, everything else and climbing up trees just to fall off again like a bunch of suicidal six-legged super bugs--have been playing carnivore and overtaking the earwigs now that they have nowhere to hide. I have also noted that nothing--and I mean NOTHING--eats the Broad Leaf Thing. Perhaps it's poisonous?

Other than that, I was actually able to remove two of my shower-ring-come-tomato-holder clips because of the direct switch in the angle and amount of sunlight (and therefore the growth) of some of the tomato stalks. These clips are hanging on the edge, waiting just in case of more rainfall--but all in all, I am quite pleased with my 'Hybrids' and all of the other 'subjects.'

Stay tuned, and cheers to the plants!

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