Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Chosen Few: Secret Second Location Migration!

It is time.

As difficult as it was, the time had come for me to part with some of my plants by escorting them to the secret second location. The Tomatolets needed more soil desperately, and I knew that it was time to let them go to grow in the vast garden that I have access to but not at my home. Thus, I gathered up some of the subjects:

and Cilantro...

The chosen few.

....and into the truck they go.

 ...To arrive at the new home for the herbs,

 ...and free room to grow for the two lucky Tomatolets! They even have spiffy wire cages...

 Tomatolet # 1

Tomatolet # 2

Happy growing to my infamous subjects 

in the 'Secret Second Location.' ^.^

Meanwhile, back in potted plant country, I received a new 'Other Plant' from where the chosen few went to. It is lurking outside with its friends, and it looks like this:

If you're familiar with my garden, you will see it immediately because it is... 
If not, it is the pale plant on the right.

What's it called? I have no idea.
What am I calling it?

I dub thee...

The Rubber Plant.

Why? Because the leaves feel... 
Odd. ^.^

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