Saturday, 7 July 2012

Potential Peppers

I'm really becoming a goofball when it comes to growing things.

Case in point:

The other day I was making stir fry (which was awesome, and yes I will eventually post that recipe for you in Rice Is My Friend for you) and chopping up a red bell pepper.

Simple enough, right?

 Not for me apparently. The seeds of an idea were sown...

Did I Google it to see if seeds like this even grow when planted? Nope.
Have I yet, even though I did this back on the 26th of June? Nope.
Did I remember the top of the pepper I had cored and retrieve it from from the compost?
...Yes. Yes I did. 
Did I take pictures of it? 
Yep, but something tells me that you don't want to see what the contents of my compost looked like at that time. 
Not pretty.
And so,
...into the sink with it.
There was another picture of this strange thing that I took that looked like psycho plucked poultry pretending to pirouette. This is not that picture.

 And thus, I washed the coffee grounds off and made a home for it in one of the pots of soil I had hanging around the table. The rest of the seeds that I harvested I put into one of my brown pots and covered them lightly, promptly watering them both.

After I covered my potential peppers with some of that soil in the container and watered them, I brought them outside.

So what has happened, today being the 6th of July and I planted these on the 26th of June?

Basically, I think I have created a great environment for weeds to grow and for the top of that pepper to decompose under the soil.

 See what I mean?

 Da Red Weed.
 Da Green Weed.
 Le shoot du Grass
...And the Shriveling Stalk.

Either way, seeing the fact that I did mention before that I kind of like seeing the mistakes as well as the miracles in other people's work, I figured I would show you mine. Who knows--maybe something legit will sprout. My problem now is that I have no idea if any of those weeds are actually peppers or just trolling me like my first sprout did back in the day. 

In the mean time, those are some pretty lucky weeds...

...For now...

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