Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What The Fish?

Today has been productive, as was yesterday. This reminds me of a quote I read: "You can be sore tomorrow or you can be sorry tomorrow. You choose." Good words, I keep reminding myself of them--among others, of course. This could have something to do with why I have been keeping some of the best bits of wisdom that I have found on yet another of my Pinterest boards, called "Quips & Quotes".

Though I have gone a few times since then, in accordance with the idea of those words I went out for a bike ride to check out more of the flooding--trust me, riding your bike on the road with minnows swarming in the shallow water all around you is a neat thing. Though I have many, many sets of pictures (picture pack rat, remember?) from just that trip, I want to share with you one of the stranger sets. Why?

Because... It's odd. ^.^
I do warn you, if you're squeamish, scroll with speed.

So I found this place called Reedman Park (one of many little ways to go by foot or bike down to the lakeside that is not private property) and peered around at all there was to see. Just before I left, I got my face out of my cellphone camera and actually did some eyeballing of the random flotsam and jetsam drifting near the shore. Some of which was now driftwood which held something... Kinda creepy. Looking down, I blinked, and literally said, "What the ---- is that?"

I moved it gently with a stick to see it better. 
Through cloudy dead eyes, it looked back at me. 

What the Fish?

(I swear I am losing my mind, it just occurred to me that I poked something dead with a stick and now I'm blogging about it. With pictures. What's next, film at eleven?)

The interesting thing is that though I am sure the flood has brought all kinds of creatures out of hiding (and potentially to their doom as was the case with this fish) I have never seen a fish of this kind before. Weird. My best guess is that it's a big bullhead.

I will be showing you more pictures from my little sojourn in the future. (Yes, these are the only ones that include something dead as the focus of the frame.)

Until then, be well--and keep your eyes open, 
you never know what you will see...

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