Friday, 29 June 2012


Lately I really just can't contain the crazy contemplation of when these bright burgundy buds will bloom. What am I talking about? Well, before I inundate you with the pictures that I took, I will provide a little back story.

In a nutshell (which is unlike me, I know) my landlord purchased three hanging pots with flowers in them for me, (really nice guy!) and I have adopted and cared for them ever since. One of these had a strange-branch-with-leaf-like-tree-thing on one side, just a lonely stalk. Well, I watered it and waited on it and one day I discover that not only are there many more strange-branch-with-leaf-like-tree-things but they are budding. A source informed me that these are apparently 'Fuchsia', and can survive year round if they are brought indoors (AKA perennial, FYI) which is neat all on its own. Now, enough blabbering.


The Fuchsia!
and on it...

 The Small Fuchsia Bud

The Medium Fuchsia Bud

 The Large Fuchsia Bud

The Huge Fuchsia Bud

 The Massive Fuchsia Bud

I've been watching them closely; they look like fruit that I should pick and eat ^.^ 
Always exciting! I can't wait until they open up...

In other news, 'the subjects' from my Grow-A-Garden Chronicles are all doing very well after Operation MMM, in which I transplanted the Parsley, Basil, Kung Pao and Jalapeno. Judging by the root systems that I saw when I was moving them, my timing was good; they were all starting to smother each other and running right the hell out of soil to grow in. Interestingly enough, two of the 'transplantees' (the Kung Pao and the Parsley) did not venture into the compost soil at the bottom of the pots--the roots stopped abruptly where the soil that I bought ended. Strange; thankfully they seem to be doing well in said compost soil now.

As an interesting side note, I was unsure if I would have enough space to transplant the peppers; but in true Recycle by Recreating fashion I saw a certain plastic container that used to house cat litter. It is now laying sideways, missing one surface (cut it straight out of there) and full of soil and peppers. Go me!

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