Thursday, 14 June 2012


MUST it rain like crazy every day? How am I supposed to transplant when its pouring? Sure the plants won't mind, but I will when I have to wash mud stained pants and shirts. So they shall wait--but I have begun to 'climatize' (*see note under first picture below) all of my sprouted seedlings, if those peppers (Jalapeno and Kung Pao) are going to be living outside then they have to get used to it.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning to see three of my Kung Pao leaning over because they are getting a little too tall to support themselves. I hooked them on their stronger brothers and moved all of my 'subjects' outdoors, for it was lovely and sunny this morning--and now it is pouring again.

No worries, they are all under cover and I intend to leave them outside in their pretty chartreuse cluster so they can all be together tonight. I am taking a chance and putting the tomatolets outside as well...

BEHOLD: "They be growin' n' chillin' outside da crib, dawg."

* (AKA Acclimatizing, because 'Climatizing' according to spell check is a word I made up.)

In other news, the Cilantro... well, I did mention that it's not doing as well as I had hoped despite my best efforts. How bad is it? Well they haven't shriveled up into brown bits or grey dust yet, but some of them are becoming yellow. I had expected that, all I hope for is that one seedling per pot (there are four pots and multiple seedlings in each) survives, because one seedling = one set of leaves for me to harvest after I grow it to term.

I must admit that I am looking at the rest of my seedlings turned plants with some slight trepidation now--perhaps it is not only the rain but my doubt that has me waiting this long.

In both cases, the transplants had to occur when they did--I was thinking the same thing when I looked at my not so perky peppers this morning, but now that I look over my Tomato Transplants I see that my peppers are just about the same height as they were, and the Cilantro--well, it was a seriously evil cluster and was trying to bloody well mold under all of those tangled and twisted leaves, so I had no choice.

Here are the latest pictures of what I hope is not going to be 'Failantro

(In order of Awful to Almost Alive):

 At least...?

Needless to say, I have thought myself to the point where I am not worried anymore--they are going to do what they are going to do, and I should have been keeping the healthy ones at least outside before this but I love them so I coddle them like some kind of cute cat or something. o.0 The Cilantro Four I brought in because I would rather them be on the table.

Why? Because, just because. >.< 
Maybe the additional warmth and heat will aid them...

This (both in and outdoor) will undoubtedly be a repeat of how I was when I first moved the tomatoes outside--I'll be peering out the screen door and checking on them periodically just to make sure they are still there (as if they are going to uproot themselves and go out destroying the world and it will be my fault because someone will have seen them on my blog or something demented like that) and worrying about them. I'm weird that way.

Either way, I will be sure to keep you updated. 
How'd that go again? 
Oh yes;
" it's wait and see."

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