Friday, 1 June 2012

Brace Yourselves... The Crafts Are Coming.

I love crafts because making something functional or fun from what seems like nothing makes me happy--that and I am a pack rat, so seeing things reanimated is really worth working for in my mind. On that note, here is the first of three crafts that I have tried my hand at lately.

...The Crafts Are Coming.

Project # 1: Decorate hummingbird feeders.

Using acrylic paint, I endeavored to make some glass bottle hummingbird feeders that I acquired more attractive to said little buzzing birdies. It's not as though they didn't work, they just were not bringing in the volume of aerial traffic that I wanted. ^.^ 

Initially, I painted the base of one bright red and left the glass bottle (which is a dark transparent green, not unlike old school pop bottles) unpainted. The second I left the base unpainted and added a few flowers on the glass bottle. This helped a little on both accounts, but still did not have the desired effect. 

Thus, I began to ponder. 

The flowers in this area that the hummingbirds feed from are mostly Honeysuckles and Lilacs, but I have seen them test out other flowers as well. With this in mind, I made full use of Tiger Orange, Rose Red, Royal PurplePetal Pink and Chartreuse. To add depth to these shades, I added some Bright Yellow, White, Pale Blue, Grey and Black.

After dismantling and painting the feeders, I wound up with these:

When I reassembled them, I used the base cover on the left with the bottle on the right and the base cover on the right with the bottle on the left. Confused? 

This is what they looked like right before I filled them and put them outside for the birdies to discover:

The best thing about this little project is that it worked, and continues to work and bring in hungry hummers for me to watch when I'm outside with my seedsSuccess, sugar syrup style!

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