Friday, 22 June 2012

Plant Facts

Today, I learned that:

Oregano can apparently reach a foot tall or more and likes lots of direct sunshine. They grow well in pots or in well-drained areas. They do not like overly waterlogged soil and do not tolerate cold weather.

I learned that and other things from here.

Parsley is apparently not known to tolerate transplanting well (this is going to prove to be intersting when I have to move them, it seems) and requires plenty of heat and water. If they do not recieve enough of either then they will either not grow or go to seed. If these seeds emerge they can be removed, but seeding reduces the harvest.

I learned these things here and saw that according to this site I was quite lucky to have mine sprout at all.

Cilantro can come to grow small white flowers, which are edible. It is also known as a difficult herb to grow because they do not like excessive heat or sunlight and often bolt before they reach the desired state. It is also said that Cilantro should be transplanted when the first leaves appear because, much like Parsley, does not like to be transplanted--but it will reseed itself and grow annually if it has a dedicated area in a garden. Seeing the fact that all of my young Cilantro has taken despite adversity, I am once again quite happy.

I learned these things from here today.

Sweet Basil prefers dry, warm weather and does not like cold temperatures. It grows well with moist soil and it is suggested that when watering one does not water the leaves but the base instead if possible because the leaves are reportedly fragile. I must admit I water mine on the leaves, but there are so many of them in that little pot that I can't get the water wand underneath without disturbing them. I do use the softest, slowest drip I can but that is because I like to baby my plants and enjoy watering them everyday.

I discovered this here.

Spanish Jalapeno is best if it's grown for six to eight weeks before attempting to transplant. They flourish with full sunlight and moist soil, and can grow up to three feet tall so they need to be given plenty of area to flourish. These plants take approximately 80-110 days to create peppers that are dark or green and ready to harvest. In addition, it is suggested that you keep tobacco away from Jalapenos.

I learned this from here.

Kung Pao grows multiple peppers per plant that begin green and slowly turn red. The more red the pepper is, the spicier the flavor will be. When growing from seed, watering must be done with warm water or else the seeds do not grow. (So glad I watered all of my seedlings with warm water while they were indoors.) Kung Pao like moisture, but not over watering or if the soil dries out and these peppers do not grow in cold temperatures.

I learned these interesting tidbits from here.

100 Hybrid Super Sweet Prolific Tomatoes take approximately 70 days to begin creating the small, cherry sized tomatoes. It is suggested that these tomatoes are grown on a stake or on a fence and these tomatoes like full sun. The 100 Hybrids are a sprawling plant with high yields and fruit that lasts for a long time on the vine.

These facts were discovered on this site, which is based on the same brand of seeds that I planted.

My garden:

Well, I am pleased that all of my seedlings have turned out well so far even though I just looked all of this stuff up now when I *really* should have done some more research earlier. On the other hand, this has been way more fun the way I did it so all is well.

I did not chicken out and all of the plants have remained outside since last night and seem to be all the better for it. My tomatoes are getting quite tall (going to have to look into some sort of 'fence' or 'stake' for them soon it seems) and as I mentioned above all four of my Cilantro and the Oregano that I transplanted have all taken and growing well. We shall see!

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