Thursday, 21 June 2012

Subject Acclimatization Initiative

...Say the name of this post three times fast. Typing it was interesting, let alone enunciation. ^.^

I like a challenge, you know I tried after I wrote that.
They do say 'write what you know', after all.

...But what about writing what you didn't know and then learned about later, like my Bok Choy post yesterday?

What I have noticed is that sometimes the most interesting blogs (to me, anyway) are the ones that not only show success but the failures as well. This does not always mean posting a picture of a pizza that should have been on a dish and fell through the racks to make a disaster of the oven instead of a 20 minute dinner.

...Although I love to see it, because:

(Image from here, not mine thankfully)
(Image from here, not mine thankfully)
(Image from here, not mine thankfully)

...But it's the fact that people are not infallible and neither are 'things', which makes this world... 'Interesting.' Thus, I have either taken this to heart and decided to take a chance or I have reached a level of confidence in my garden that gives me a small enough handful of doubt to be able to easily hold overnight without becoming overly concerned and bringing them (the young 'uns) in.

There is perhaps the thought that the 'acclimatization doubt' for the young ones is far depleted in the face of me wondering if my Cilantro (which has had 'issues' and 'disasters', if you will) may wind up 'bolting' like my Bok Choy. Thus, they have been moved a little further under the shelter as you can see above (to still receive light but limited direct sunlight) in order to avoid this. Where did I learn this? Clicked on a link a while back, and I need to not only re-investigate that link but be sure that I actually do a little Googling into all of my plant species.

I'll be sure to pester and pepper you all with what I perceive as profound. 

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