Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ALL the Plants Are Photobombers

It has been a week since I started the Subject Acclimatization Initiative, in which I forced myself to leave all of my plants outside and stop my constant flora and fauna fanaticism from remaining indoors. All of 'the subjects' from my Grow-A-Garden Chronicles are doing very well, and as I sat across from them all today and peered at, into and through them I decided to give it another at least half a week before I transplant anything. At this point I have convinced myself that if they're going to die when I transplant them, then they have a slightly better chance of surviving if they have more time to grow in what is going to be their permanant climate. It is very possible that when I do the transplanting that many of my precious plants will go to the secret second location, where they can freely roam in roomy rectangles of earth. Indeed, there will be pictures no matter what occurs, when it occurs.

And thus, in the interest of not creating another page quite yet (I *may* wind up making a link page later on down the road, same as I mentioned I *may* do if necessary with my poetry or even an art section) I am going to talk yet again about...

...the OTHER plants...

You may remember, I spoke of these other house dwellers once before when I posted about 'the bolting of the Bok Choy' and the 'Celerew', and you may have noticed that they have all managed to sneak their way into my Garden Chronicles photo documentation one way, day or another. This is because--well--they are part of my garden, just not part of the patch that I have been chronicling since the beginning.

Don't believe me? Okay, you asked for it. Here's your flashback glasses. ~0-0~

 Bok Choy, Strawberries, Broad Leaf Thing, Bumbershoot. ...damn cat.
 Bumbershoot and... the cat.
 Aloe in the big white pot on the table, White Violet to the far right on the wood table.
 Far left Broad Leaf Thing, then Aloe, then White Violet and Purple Violet.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe, White Violet.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe, White Violet, Purple Violet. (Violet Violet?)
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe, White Violet.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe.
 Broad Leaf. (Broad is starting to no longer look like a real word to me.)
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe, White Violet, Violet... ...and a bottle opener in the shape of a dolphin.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe, White Violet.
 Broad Leaf Thing.
 Allooooooo. (Aloe.)
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe, White Violet.
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe.
 Aloha. (Aloe.)
 Broad Leaf Thing, Aloe.
 All four.
 The main three.
o.0 Strawberries and a bit o' Bumbershoot!!
 Bumbershoot and Strawberries.
 The main four.
 That thar be sum Broad Leef.
 Broad Leaf in the reflection in the window, Aloe on the table, White and Violet Violets.
 ...That is a skinny @$$ Bumbershoot, the Broad Leaf and the Strawberries.
 More of the same, just a different angle. (I am so inventive.)
 Aloe, both Violets.
 Broad Leaf Thing... and JELLYFISH!
 Broad Leaf trying to cut the Violets out. Glory hog.
 ...Can you tell it was cold out? Strawberries and everything else (even Celerew) all indoors.
 Broad Leaf and Blooming Violets.
 Broad Leaf.
blaaaaaaaaaarg. @.@

...And that's not even all of the ones that have just the corner of one of their pots in there. I made sure I didn't select it if there wasn't at least a leaf. Have a good trip back in time with me there? It's like reading Grow-A-Garden backwards all the way to Begin-A-Garden. While I was going through all of my previously uploaded pictures, I noticed that the Parsley spends much of its time growing retarded weeds.

What, you want to see that as well?
As you wish.
I'll go forward in time just to mess with your mind this time. ~0-0~


ALL the Plants are potential Photobombers... 

Even the weeds.

©reated by ŊetHerŊøte  

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