Monday, 18 June 2012

Just A Justifiable Jellyfish Craft!

Yes, I have been updating something and not just accidentally knocking my poor Oregano out of the windowsill. 

So behold, attempt at the craft that I found here on my many Pinterest travels:

Project # 3: Create Your Own Bottled Jellyfish

No, I do not have any children, but like this quote by Margaret Atwood says: 

"I believe that everyone else my age is an adult whereas I am merely in disguise."

 Therefore, I have no problem creating something fun just because. ^.^ 

That, and I had these:

...and I really had to get these things off the floor. Truth be told I still have quite a few of them because I could only find lids for a few of them (three at first, to be exact) and those all found homes. So what did I do and how did I do it? Well, as I mentioned I got the idea from here and adapted it to what I had.

In this case, I boiled a bunch of water and the jars with their lids to be sure that I did not have any strange things growing in beside my jellyfish in a few weeks. As the water was boiling for me to fill the jars after I had sanitized them, I set to work looking for those light grade plastic clear bags that you can get from a grocery store to cover your tomatoes or veggies or what not. I hate the thought of how filthy those grocery carts and hand baskets are, so I am a fan of those and I always reuse my plastic bags at least once so I had no problem procuring a few of them from my drawers.

The first thing I learned with this craft is that especially with small to medium sized jars like I have, LESS IS MORE: once I wizened up and stopped trying to make this craft so damn difficult I easily made two jellyfish out of one cut up plastic bag with plenty left over so the legs were not too long and messing with the floating of the head of my jellyfish.

The other trick I learned is that less is also more when it comes to the air in the head of the jellyfish: I found that wrapping an elastic around what would be the head and then filling it with water from the tap before tying fishing line around the `neck` to hold in the `water` (you hardly need any air at all, it is kind of neat) simplified the process. Four huge jellyfish in the garbage and three small and simplified ones floating merrily in my jars after about an hour of snipping and swearing later, I came up with these:

Does not really look like much except intriguing, right?

What is with that colour, well, that is just the sun through these `Milk of Magnesia` bottles. No photoshop or even touching up--just sunlight and my Samsung Galaxy at its finest! ^.^

These, as you can see, are best suited for windowsills. Of course, my seedlings are even then attempting to sneak into the picture. o.0

My personal fave, the one with the silver lid. This one is hanging out in its new home in a well lit porch. 

Another picture of the same silver lidded one; I had three tenticles that were crazy long and the rest were all short and cropped and that seemed to create the best movement overall.

All in all, this was a bit of a challenge and well worth the little time it took, seeing the fact all three of them now have new homes and I been collecting lids to try and make a few for my table... I will be sure to show you when I get up to that. 

Jellyfish rock!

Thanks for the idea, Bhoomplays Blog and Pinterest for leading me there!

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