Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stakes for the Photobombing Tomatoes

Yes indeed, I did just post Operation Root Roust IV

Why so soon, you may ask? I will tell you.

But first off, I moved some of my plants around today.

  • The Cilantro I migrated just a touch further backwards (these apparently bolt in excessive sun and heat, so I am doing my best to keep them back under the shelter where they receive no direct sunlight).
  • The Tomatolets I moved up front so they are not as likely to be brushed by us passersby on the path to the door.
  • The Parsley took up the Tomatolet`s previous position, but just back behind the large mature tomatoes some. Indeed, that Parsley looks a heck of a lot like the Cilantro and being the fact that they are from the same family I decided to pull them back from the direct sunlight as well. In addition, I turned the `Scaresley` around, for it was doing that windswept/scared to death/bent right over/going a hundred miles an hour thing again. (Don`t remember? Check out the previous pictures here!)
  • The Kung Pao, having been previously on the far right like the Tomatolets, is now nestled (as you can see if you scroll down) beside the Jalapeno. For one thing when they were on the edge they were more at the mercy of the wind, and where they are now they can lean on the other pots in the vicinity for additional support.
  • I made sure all of the Oregano (including the ones that remain in the original pot without drainage, but that one is tucked a little further back as you can well imagine) are along the front of the plant cluster so they receive the best sunlight and any additional water the world decides to offer.
  • The Basil I moved from the front to where the Parsley used to be, so it is now on the far left hand side.

Pleased with my progress and myself in general, I was meandered back outside and watering them all with my water wand. A few of them were getting a bit too dry for my liking due to the fact that they did not need any aqua yesterday. Thus, I made sure to do a good job with my soft little trickle from the water wand to be sure that none of them go thirsty or drown. Finished, I headed back inside to snag my Samsung so I could snap some shots for tonight`s update of Grow-A-Garden Chronicles.

So there I am just heading back outside after swapping the spots of some of my sprouts and watering them, half staring at my phone as I fire up my camera. Merrily, I snap a picture--and so in the interest of bringing down my instances of Blursil, Smearlantro, and Bluregano (Don`t remember that either? Check it out just below the two recipes here!) I double check the quality before I take the next one to be sure that it is up to par...

--but wait.



Is the backside of a tomato plant`s leaf.

...And it`s photobombing...

...like a boss.

It appears...

 ...that I am going to have to continue...

\\...the STAKING...//

And thus, borrowing some pictures from ORR IV, let the soil stabbing start!

Original Stake

Now With Stake

Double Stakes

All is well in regards to \\...the STAKING...//, and I mentioned that I would let you know why I decided there was no way around it, it was time for ORR IV (which is really a fancy way of me saying I am about to weed my garden and blog about it). While I was watering the Parsley (which I had just moved and I cannot for the life of me understand why I did not see it, perhaps I thought it was one of the nearby Jalapenos in the next door pot?) I saw *it*.

Now, there are times where I feel as though I need to play around and highlight or use wording on some of my pictures, or even do what I did above with the photobombing tomato: draw attention to  what I am referring to. But this, comrades, is not one of those times. Why?


Yes, that picture of the EVIL PARSLEY ALIEN above does not do that psycho plant justice. 

Picture or I am lying, you say?


...And that is why I decided to do an emergency Operation Root Roust: because I saw that beast bobbing above my Parsley. I plucked it by the roots...and put it by edge of the cement.

...I am too soft for my own good. 

I should have stomped that intruder, 
but seizing it by the stem works too. 

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