Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Operation Root Roust, Round III


`Authorization for termination of alien seedlings is no longer pending. Due to sufficient evidence (detailed here and here), it has been decided that the unwanted sprouts must be removed before they cause any negative effects to the subjects. The date has been set for May 28, 2012 for Operation Root Roust to be initialized. Please ensure completion on this date and provide proof of the sprouts removal.`

More infection spotted and noted. 

Authorization for removal still valid from previous op. 

Reopening Operation Root Roust... Done.

Clearance required to continue.

Authorizing... Done. Accessing details...

Re-Initializing op...


Date: June 19, 2012. 
Start time: 20:30
End time: 20:45

Number of uninfected subjects: 6 (Jalapeno, Cilantro, Oregano, Basil, Kung Pao, Parsley)

 Kung Pao

Number of infected subjects: 6

Subject name: Tomatoes

 Tomato # 1
 The discrepanseeds
 Tomato # 2
 The suspicious sprouts
 Tomato # 3
 The invading ilk
 Tomato # 4: The tainted Tomatolets
 Tomato # 5
 The tiny traitors
 Tomato # 6
The soil stealers

Number of infected removed: 46 in total

All 46 alien sprouts verified removed and relocated to the compost pile. 
There is no longer a threat to the legitimate subjects. 

All subjects will continue to be monitored for further infection.

Op Root Roust III complete.

Returning to Operation Grow-A-Garden

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