Friday, 8 June 2012

Cutting the Cilantro Cluster

The transplanted tomatoes were moved outside today at six forty five in the evening. I must admit, it took some guts--they're doing so well that I am afraid that they will die. Seriously though, I have been babying them long enough.

This is them on the table inside just before their relocation, all standing up and doing really well. The little guys are doing okay as well, that tiny one unfortunately shriveled up into a puff of dust but the other two are growing.

 This is a top view of where they are now located, under the deck. Still gets lots of light, but it is sheltered from the worst of the wind thanks to the house and from the rain thanks to the deck.

And oh, does it rain! Behold the 'under cover tomato view' and the glistening, rain-splattered cement behind.

And so, with success in The Tomato Transplant

it is now time to return to...


Phase II Stage ii: Cutting the Cilantro Cluster ("CtCC")

First off, behold what I had to work with:
This was as much of a nightmare as it looks. In addition to being saturated, these have overcrowded each other due to my lack of action before this point. I was definitely 'hands off' if you know what I mean after their incident, especially with the watering--the soil was more like mud even today when I transplanted them even though I had been giving them far less water than the rest of my plants.

Behold the seed package:
 Complete with yet another name for the same herb. So let me get this straight--its nickname is Chinese Parsley, Cilantro = the leaves and Coriander = the seeds. Behold the 3 name herb.

This was the step just before me spending a very long time disentangling the leaves that resided on the right and grew on the left and vice versa. Sort of reminded me of trying to split seven different strings of Xmas lights from one evil, spun up ball.

This is the finished product, empty bowl in the center with my tangled green sprouts (still not watered at this point) situated in their four new homes.
In the interest of being sure that they would not suffer any extra shock, I gave them a light lukewarm watering and left it at that. 

I did work on untangling them some more after the photo below was taken, but I met limited success--I don't want to break or bend the stems any more than they already may be despite how careful I was.
Under the additional light and situated where they will get sun and not be overshadowed by their friends up on the windowsill, my little Cilantro clusters remained overnight. 

All of the above pictures were taken on 

June 7, 2012 from 6:43 - 7:45 pm.

This one, however, was taken this afternoon (12:17 pm on June 8, 2012) and it shows significant progress. I was afraid that I had lost most of these--but chances are at least one per pot is going to take. Behold, the day after Cutting the Cilantro Cluster:
They're trying, at least they are reaching to the light and not laying around. 
So once again,

Now, it's just wait and see...

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