Thursday, 28 June 2012

Inundation Imminent

One is entitled to one's own opinion, 

and to the right of changing one's mind.

'The Forest'

"...and as I sat across from them all today and peered at, into and through them I decided to give it another at least half a week before I transplant anything."

She says.

"At this point I have convinced myself that if they're going to die when I transplant them, then they have a slightly better chance of surviving if they have more time to grow in what is going to be their permanant climate."

She says.

"It is very possible that when I do the transplanting that many of my precious plants will go to the secret second location, where they can freely roam in roomy rectangles of earth."

She says.

"Indeed, there will be pictures no matter what occurs, when it occurs."

...Let's just say, 
When did it occur? 


...I am preparing to launch a seriously


set of transplants on you.

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